What does a Mini Heart Attack Feel Like? Duration and Symptoms

What does a Mini Heart Attack Feel Like

Many of the readers and patients get confused after searching the difference between mini heart and heart attack. First, allow me to clarify that both are the heart attack and difference falls in the severity of heart attack. A heart attack which is not life-threatening can be called a mini heart attack. The first question which came to our mind is that what does mini heart attack feel like? Usually, we see the patient with a heart attack and how can we differentiate that it would be a mini heart attack or major heart attack, you will find answers of all your questions here. Let’s start

Common Symptoms of Heart Attack

Usually, a sufferer of a heart attack may feel one of the following signs;

  • Breathing Difficulty
  • Pain in chest
  • Sweating (It may be cold sweat in common)
  • Vomiting
  • Fatigue

During a heart attack, a patient feels uneasiness. Furthermore, a patient may feel sweet pain in left side of the upper body.

What does a Mini Heart Attack Feel Like?

The pretty fact about a mini heart attack is that it touches only a small section of your heart. Although it does not affect the heart at a large level, don’t take it as a joke. It can create a serious heart problem. A mini heart attack can push you towards a major heart attack which may threaten your life too. So, if you feel any minor sign of heart attack, consult your doctor without any delay.

what does a mini heart attack feel like

Besides above-mentioned signs, you might feel following symptoms during your mini heart attack.

  • Pain in your Jaw
  • Fats heart Beat
  • Left Arm Pain
  • Right arm pain (Very rare but it happens)
  • Indigestion (For a long period of time)

If you feel any of the symptoms please rush to your physician, your life would be in danger.

Besides these symptoms, everyone feels these signs in different ways. Several people feel as a heavyweight has been placed on their body. Many say that they feel fatigue and minor pain in shoulders. However, it is an accepted truth that symptoms vary from person to person.

A patient told his story when he faced a mini heart attack. He told that he was in tension without any reason and felt like that he lost his big amount of money.

Note: After feeling these types of signs and symptoms consult with your doctor before 24 hours.

How long does a Heart Attack Last if Untreated?

I repeatedly suggested that you should consult your doctor if you face any of the above-mentioned signs. A heart attack last for 15 to 20 minutes. And a mini heart attack duration varies from 10 to 15 minutes.

Tip of the day

Try to contact your doctor fast after feeling any kind of the symptoms of heart attack. It can help you to change your major heart attack to mini heart attack. The severity of heart attack increases with the passage of time so mini heart attack can turn into major.

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