What does HIV Rash Feel Like? (Everything You need to Know)

what does hiv rash feel like

Human Immunodeficiency Virus can lead towards AIDS. An initial stage of HIV entering in a human body is “Rash”. People with this virus intermingled HIV rashes and other skin problems wrongly. But it can be a lethal and fatal mistake. So, identify it with several symptoms. What does HIV rash feel like and how does rash look like are the common question. In this article, I will try to answer these questions so that you will be able to identify it and treat it timely. Keep in your mind that every rash is not an HIV rash, but HIV rash looks like other rashes due to skin problems. Let’s continue our discussion with the identification of HIV;

What does HIV Rash feel like?

The first important thing is that these rashes vary from one person to another. Usually, it appears within 45 days after entering HIV in the body. According to a patient of HIV, Rash feels like a common rash and these red spots are awful itchy. Moreover, in some cases these are painful. However, these rashes are not contagious. I know anyone cannot identify the HIV rashes with pain and itchiness that is why I am going to tell you some other symptoms after that you can identify these rashes.

Other information about Rash of Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Shape and Size:

Commonly, rashes are not in a large size. These will be in small spots. Furthermore, there is barely raised skin with these spots.


The color of roseola may vary according to the skin of sufferers. It’s been red with fair skin and probably blackish with dark skin.


Most favorite place of these rashes is upper body. In 90% of cases, it occurs on shoulders, chest, and face.

When does HIV rash occur?

If a person suffers from rash after following actions, it may be HIV Rash;

  • After Blood Transfusion
  • Having sex
  • Using needles

So, one should remind that if he/she has done the above-mentioned task and suffer from rash than it can be an HIV rash.

Already have HIV Infection?

A person which has got infected by HIV already, that person may see the different types of rashes. After exposure of Human Immunodeficiency Virus in a body, the immune system starts to become weak day by day and patient may experience HIV rashes.

Some other Symptoms of HIV

Above mentioned information is insufficient to know about HIV infections. A person with HIV Infection can feel following symptoms with HIV Rash

  • Acute Retroviral Syndrome

ARS is the prevailing sign of HIV. In this condition, the patient may feel flu like symptoms. If a person feels flu and rash, he should not delay and rush for the blood test.

  • Fever and Fatigue

HIV Rash with Fever

Fever and Fatigue is also a sign of introducing the virus into the body. However, I will repeat that fever and fatigue with rashes might be clear symptoms of HIV.

  • Diarrhea and disturbed gut

HIV actually attacks the immune system of the body, and a person with HIV can suffer from stomach problem like diarrhea.

  • Weight loss

One of the clear symptoms of HIV is a weight loss. It is not wrong to say that every person with HIV loses his weight substantially.

If anyone feels flu-like signs, fatigue and intermittent fever, weight loss, and stomach trouble, please go to your doctor for a complete checkup.

Time for a complete checkup?

As I have mentioned earlier that diagnosis of HIV by symptoms is very difficult. However, there are several chances to know whether a person has HIV rash or other types of skin problems. If you have following symptoms you should rush toward a doctor for a complete checkup.

  • If you have most of the symptoms which are mentioned earlier, a checkup is mandatory for you, because early diagnosis helps a lot to treat HIV.
  • Almost 80% of patients with HIV face flu-like signs with Rashes called Seroconversion. If a person has both flu-like symptoms and rashes, he/she has more probability to have HIV infection.
  • Usually, rashes appear after blood transfusion or doing sex. Moreover, using needles (Drugs) or breastfeeding (HIV Positive mother) is also the major cause of HIV propagation. So, if you see rashes after above-mentioned actions, you are in need of a complete checkup.

Diagnosis of HIV without any delay is called half treatment of HIV. Hence, don’t delay the diagnosis, if you want to reverse the HIV signs

Note: Blood test can also identify the HIV easily

What to do at home?

HIV Rash

If most of the above-mentioned symptoms have appeared, you must apt following precautions to mitigate the signs.

  • Prevent your skin from weather severity (Clod and heat)
  • Do not experience direct sunlight
  • Try to avoid to face heat (Do not sit in front of the fire)
  • Always take bath with fresh water. Hot bath or bath with cold water can cause further irritation.
  • Avoid rubbing your skin
  • Choose your soap with extra care
  • Apply lotion on your skin, so that your skin cannot dry up.
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Choose a dress which has not allergic impacts on your skin.
  • Consult regularly with your physician

Tip of the Day

Patient with HIV rash should not face direct sunlight and heat. Moreover, don’t take shower with hot water with HIV Rash.

Hope it will help to identify HIV Rashes and you might be able to find your answer that what does HIV Rash feel like. Stay Blessed.



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