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Water Intoxication

We always emphasize on the consumption of water, and even a layman knows the efficacy of water consumption that an ample amount of water is so good for one’s health. Whenever health experts and doctors advise the food intake or diet plan, then they provide great stress on the intake of water. Water undoubtedly is like a pillar of our life, and its sustainability, its deficiency in us can be devastating. But does it deficiency matters in infants too? This you will figure out step by step in this post.

The term ‘water intoxication’ is not much common and to know about it will be and knowledge for you. Here in this post, we will discuss in detail about Water Intoxication baby, this will equip you with the essential info, and when it comes to life and sound health of your baby, you will find it helpful. There could be a possibility of water intoxication in your baby and if it so then you need to get alert.

Water IntoxicationWhat is water intoxication in babies?

Excessive consumption of water in babies can be awfully dangerous for them, too much hydration for babies can cause them water intoxication. The dilemma is that majority of people are unaware about the fact that a baby doesn’t need to drink water too much because the mother feed he takes already contains water in it and if your baby takes formula diet then it also contains water, so there is no point of feeding him water so excessively.

What are the symptoms of water Intoxication in babies?

It is essential to know about the symptoms of water intoxication baby, by knowing them you will be able to take the required measures. So, let’s glance below to dig more in-depth about the symptoms and see if your baby shows any of these signs then get a load of it without any undue time-lapse:

  • He can have a swollen face
  • Baby can have unusual fretfulness
  • He can have below 97 degrees’ Fahrenheit body temperature
  • He can have an unusual sleepiness

What happens with a baby is that when you give him too much water through a baby’s diet, then it can trigger him electrolyte disparity and imbalance, it happens because of the surplus water that dilutes the sodium in his system. This unevenness can disturb brain activity, and things can get worst which means a baby can experience a seizure too. You baby can be at high risk of health because water intoxication can even turn him in unconsciousness which means a state of coma.

What are the causes of water Intoxication baby?

Water that appears like a harmless fluid can bring hazardous effects in infants if the consumption of water exceeds its normal and required quantity. Your baby shouldn’t drink too much water that’s the most important thing you need to bear in your mind because it’s you who makes him drink water. So, as a parent you need to see what are the loopholes behind water intoxication.

Water Intoxication

Mixing up baby formula in surplus water

This is a widely common way through which you tend to give your baby excessive water, and you need to pay attention to this, don’t fill up the feeder with too much water, only pour the required quantity. Don’t deviate the instruction and suggestions that are there on the formula diet regarding the amount of water.

Big sips for six months old baby

A child doesn’t need big sips of water, give him small sips because through big sips he is more likely to consume water than a required amount. So, a child who is of six months requires fewer and smaller sips.

Water bottle and juices

Your child fulfills the requirement of water either through mother’s feed or through formula diet, but when you start giving him additional liquid in the form of pure water and juices, then this extra excessive water can cause him water intoxication. He neither needs additional water nor juices, so don’t do your experiments and medication, do consult a child specialist in this regard as it is the matter of your baby’s life.

Water Intoxication

Tips and Suggestions

The purpose behind these tips and suggestions is to give you an insight because any negligence from your side can be risky for your child’s life and health. Infants are very sensitive; they are more prone to susceptibility so what you give him highly effects his health. So, for your convenience we have amassed some tips that you would find helpful, take a look below:

  • Give your baby small sips of water.
  • Don’t fill up his feeder with water and don’t place the feeder near him.
  • When your child turns one-year-old, then start giving him water because at that time he will be eating solid foods.
  • If your baby is taking a mother feed, then it is needless to give him additional water.
  • If your child is taking a formula diet then he doesn’t need water additionally, he is taking it through formula already.
  • Don’t overlook the instructions of formula diet of baby regarding the amount of water.
  • If the age of your child is between 0-6 months, then don’t give him water at all.
  • If your baby’s age is between 6 to 12 months, then don’t give him water above than eight ounces.

By following the instructions and all the dos and don’ts we mentioned above, you can secure your child’s life and health, though water intoxication in the baby isn’t common yet one must give attention to it because of it the matter of your child’s health.

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