How to use Dental Floss Properly – Methods and Types of Flossing

How to use Dental Floss

Dental flossing is the technique used for the proper cleansing of the teeth. Flossing kills, the germs which are present at the gums. The toothbrush cannot properly clean the teeth especially which are behind, so flossing is required for the effective cleaning.

Dental floss is the thin thread used for the cleaning of the gums. There’s a thicker dental tape which is used to hard dental flossing. The dental flossing is proper technique for providing the cleaning between the teeth.

How to use Dental Floss.? – General Flossing Method

For the proper removal of the dirt and the plaque from the teeth, you should be ensured the right use of flossing method. According to the practice of dentists, the proper flossing should consist of some essential steps.

You can use a middle finger or the index finger for the flossing. Force the floss between the index finger and the thumb by keeping at least one inch of distance between them.

Use thumbs for the flossing of upper teeth and the index fingers for the flossing of lower teeth. The zig-zag motion of floss can also be taken between the teeth. C-shape will be formed when you will move the floss around one corner of the teeth.

Be ensure to give the up and down movement to the floss. Don’t forget to move the floss at the back side of the mouth. Always take the fresh floss with the help of index finger when you’re going to move from one tooth to another.

This is the general technique of dental flossing which is applied to all types of floss. You will find good results as long as you’ll continue using the proper flossing technique otherwise the plaque will remain in your teeth.

How to use the floss holder?

There are higher chances of injury or harm if you don’t tackle the floss handle well. In order to get the proper cleaning of the posterior teeth, you should follow the below steps.

  1. Move the floss holder from left to right and move toward the gingival margin.
  2. Gently move the floss up and down toward the deepest part of the oral cavity. When the floss has moved around, move the floss from one tooth to the adjacent tooth.
  3. Sure that each tooth should be flossed properly.

How to use Dental Floss

What type of dental floss should you choose?

There are two types of dental floss available in the market. One is multi-filament floss known as Nylon, and the other is mono filament floss known as PTFE. So let’s see what the difference between these types of floss is and which one is best for you.

Nylon Floss

As the name indicates, this floss is made of threads of Nylon which are all combined. This floss is accessible in a variety of colors and flavors. This floss is either waxed or unwaxed.

Nylon floss is not very strong, and usually, it tears when we rubbed it gently between the teeth.

PTFE Floss

This floss consists of a single filament and more strong in quality. This floss is perfect for the people who have decidedly fewer spaces between the teeth. PTFE floss ensures no breakage when it is pressed gently. However, this floss is somewhat expensive than the Nylon floss.

Both the Nylon and the PTFE floss are suitable for usage.

How to use Dental Floss

How to use an electric Flosser?

You can also choose the electric flosser for the cleaning of the teeth and gums. The general method of flossing is the same for the electric flosser just like the regular flosser. Be ensure to floss up, down, backward and the zig-zag motion.

Flossing when you wear the orthodontic device?

When you’re wearing braces or other dental appliances then surely you find it difficult to floss. In that case, you should do proper care while doing the dental floss.

You should use a dental floss which has a hard end that can be easily moved under the wire of your braces. You can also use the floss threader for the right floss procedure.

The threader has one tricky end, and the other end has a loop. By placing an 18-inch piece of floss through the loop, you can keep the tricky end under the archive wire. You can gently pull out the tricky end so the floss will automatically come out.

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