5 most common Types of Skin problems on Face

types of skin problems on face

Although various types of skin problems on face are painless, all types are irritating visible and increase your stress and anxiety. Moreover, it has negative impacts on your confidence too. Most of the facial skin issues appear during adult age; however, we could not make it general rule. Various skin problems may affect your face after adult age. Nevertheless, you need not bear this scary situation because a number of pieces of advices are going to be mentioned to treat these breakouts and acne problems in this article. So, make your life stress and acne free and boost your confidence. Let’s start

5 Types of Skin problems on Face

Here, I will tell you the most common face problems which a young man/woman can face.

1-Acne or Breakouts

The main reason of acne is hormonal changes during puberty. In addition, it may develop by your foods such as chocolate, or fried chips. It is the commom and repeated type of skin problems. Most favorite place of acne and breakouts is your face; however, it could be kick out on shoulder, chest, or back. The pretty part of acne is that it is curable and the ugly part of this problem is that it can leave a dark spot on your skin if untreated.

ACNE Skin problem on face

How to treat?

If acne is your problem and want to get rid of this issue, you should follow below mentioned instruction like a religion.

  • The main reason of acne is oily skin, thus you should use various oil free cleansers which are available in the market. (I would not suggest you any name it seems like a marketing strategy; therefore, go and buy on your chance)
  • Don’t put oily makeup on your skin, it will added fuel to the fire.
  • Make a habit to take shower after a heavy sweating
  • Try to focus on your foods, always eat less oily and fatty foods.

2-Cold Sore

Cold Sore A facial skin problem

The other name of cold sore is fever blister. Small in size and large in pain are the basic characteristics of it. Color of it may be red; however, it can vary to the skin color of sufferer. Fever blister loves to appear on lips, or chin. Although it is painful, it may end up in 10 to 15 days. Hence, you don’t need to worry about it.


Skin Problems on face

According to a study, main target of Rosacea is a woman with fair skin and 30+ years in age. Rosacea is a skin problem at the center of face with redness. Ordinarily, it may start from nose with redness and swollen bumps but it can spread on other parts of your face. Causes of Rosacea are unknown yet, but environmental factor may be the one reason of this disease. Cure of it is not possible but you can control it by treatment and therapies.

4-EczemaSkin Problems on face


We can also place this skin problem into the facial skin problem too. Eczema disease is an affected rough patch of skin with red color. More than 30% people of the USA are affected by it. It is not contagious hence, it is not considered too dangerous. By several cautions you can control it easily. Always take a bath with lukewarm water and try to keep your skin moisturized.


Skin Problems on face

Besides various symptoms of lupus, red patches on cheeks is one prominent sign of Lupus. It is actually a disorder in the immune system of body. Try to reduce cholesterol and don’t face the sun lights directly. Moreover, it is treated unlike a skin problem is treated.

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