5 Common Types of Belly Fat And How to loose Fat.?

Types of belly fat

Belly fats distort your beauty and your whole personality, no matter what kind of jim-dandy looks you own but if your tummy bulges-out then it leaves a bad impression. While doing binge-eating, many of us don’t realize that it would fill up tummy with fats and would turn your body shapeless. Though binge-eating isn’t the only cause, most people habitually overeat and can’t help it. To some women fat tummy is something very annoying because they want to look smarter. Here in this post, we would discuss in detail ‘Types of Belly Fat’ and what could be their possible remedies.

Most Common Types of Belly Fat – With Remedies

  1. Stress tummy
  2. Liquor tummy
  3. Bloated tummy
  4. Hormonal tummy
  5. Post-partum tummy

1 – Stress Tummy

Stress comes with immense side-effects, those who are stress-mongers tend to have a round tummy that is a noticeable one. In stress tummy your navel area gets fat, it’s because when you take stress then the hormone that regulates blood sugar gets released and this triggers fat storage in that area. This results in a sagging tummy that project over your pants.


The possible remedies of stress tummy are:

  • Don’t skip your breakfast, take a healthy breakfast.
  • Avoid taking caffeine and make sure your caffeine intake shouldn’t exceed three cups per day.
  • Perform deep breathing exercises.
  • Nosh on herbal tea daily

2 – Liquor tummy

Liquor tummy comes with multiple problems such as it can make you feel having a back pain frequently, it can make you crave for sugary food items. In liquor belly, your tummy may leave an impression that you excessively drink. Liquor tummy is amongst the Types of Belly Fat that is a common one.


Look at the remedies you can try:

  • Restrict the intake of alcohol.
  • Mend your posture, and if you’re sitting posture is not an appropriate one, then it can bulge-out your tummy.

3 – Bloated tummy

Examine your tummy, and if there is any puffiness and it sometimes starts looking enlarged, then it might be a case of bloating. It is either due to the excessive gas production, or it could be because of water retention in your body. Bloated tummy is usually a tighter one and can be agonizing sometimes.


There are a few solutions you can try to fix the boated tummy:

  • Opt to take food that contains high fiber in it, for instance, and bananas are useful in this regard.
  • Make sure that your intake of water should be proper, and there shouldn’t be any insufficiency.
  • Sip water by adding a lemon wedge in it this is so helpful in getting rid of a bloated tummy.

Types of belly fat

4 – Hormonal tummy

The body goes through an imbalance when either hormones production is at an excess or if they are not producing at all. This results in fats around the belly.


To fix the hormonal tummy, you can try the following ways:

  • For this you need to see your doctor, he will then examine and identify the core, you will follow the suggested medicine to regulate your hormone.
  • Avoid the excessive consumption of high-carb food, sweets, and fried foods.
  • Follow a low Glycemic Index diet for keeping hormone levels in normal.
  • Spend half an hour daily on brisk walking.

5 – Post-Partum Tummy

When a woman gets pregnant her abdomen stores the fat because the level of insulin in her body gets on a rise, after delivery it becomes damn hard to get rid of that fat situated in abdomen especially if you have a c-section because you are not in a position of performing any exercise because that particular area has to be healed up.


Take a look below how you can fix the post-partum tummy:

  • Add oils, olives, flax seeds and nuts in your diet.
  • Try to consume a wholesome diet.
  • It’s OK to do light exercise daily but don’t do any tough exercises especially sit-ups and crunches.

Types of Belly Fat are the hardest one to deal with that’s why they are called stubborn fats because it needs great effort to get rid of tummy fats. Many people get flabbergasted, and they opt for crash diets that are in no way helpful for you.

Rather it can bring the worst effects to your body, so starvation and cash diets are not the solutions at all. It will be wise to have a word with your health physician before following a new diet plan, new work out.

Most importantly don’t take too much stress because taking stress decreases the digestion, it can cause you constipation, some can lose their appetite and others crave too much. Secondly, avoid smoking, it doesn’t just ruin the health of your lungs but also can cause stomach cancer.

Eat healthily and moderately and don’t follow a poor routine, for staying energetic and healthy you have to abide by the rules.

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