Symptoms of Hepatitis C in Females: Different signs in men and Women

Symptoms of Hep C in Femlaes

Four million Americans have been infected by Hepatitis C. The main culprit of this disease is the Hepatitis C virus which is a blood-borne virus. Unlike HIV, more people are ending their lives due to this malady. Although HCV has the same effects on each gender, females react differently to it. Therefore, we will discuss the symptoms of hep C in females and how these symptoms differ from the signs of males’ hep c.  In addition, this gender-blind virus is also blind in age and race. So, we will discuss the main factors which differentiate the Hepatitis symptoms in males and females.

How Hepatitis C transmits?

The first thing which we should keep under consideration that how Hepatitis C transmitted from one person to another.

  • Blood Transfusion: As I mentioned earlier that HCV is a blood-borne virus and it can only transmit through blood contact.
  • Needles of Syringe: If a person is using needles of an infected person, he/she are at high risk.
  • Tattoo: During getting tattoos on the body, tattoo maker cannot discriminate the person with HCV and chances get higher to be infected with tattoos.

By many other ways, this can be transmitted like workers who work at blood laboratory might get this virus fast than others.

General Symptoms of Hepatitis C

Ordinarily, you cannot diagnose Hep c by symptoms because of late indication of its symptoms. The most affected organ is liver by it. Moreover, it can be prognosticated by a blood test.  However, there are several symptoms which may appear with this chronic disease.

Symptoms of Hepatitis C

  • Bad Coagulation: Blood clotting becomes difficult in this illness and bleeding becomes easier due to this chronic disease.
  • Fatigue: A patient feels a stress and fatigue more than normal days. Moreover, pain in joints or muscle is also common.
  • Appetite Killer: It may affect your appetite and you would face poor appetite. Due to it, you may lose your hefty weight.
  • Disturbed Gut: A patient with Hepatitis may face irregular movement of bowel and feels nausea.
  • Yellowish Eye: A sufferer’s eye color would turn into yellow, and skin color can also be affected by it.

Symptoms of Hep C in Females

A woman could get same symptoms which have been mentioned above. However, the main difference falls around the reaction of women’s immune system toward this HCV attack.

  • Cirrhosis and Women:  40% of People with Hepatitis C get cirrhosis (liver scarring). Notwithstanding, females show more protected against cirrhosis. The main reason for less damaging liver in women is female’s estrogen which gives her a protection against liver damage.
  • Clearance Factor: This factor shows that how many people get rid of Hepatitis C. According to research, women are luckier than men and they have more ability to get rid of this chronic illness.
  • Menstruation Cycle and HCV: HCV spreads through blood so there are more chances to get HCV during Menstruation cycle.

Tip of the Day

Be vigilant during the blood transfusion or body piercing. Otherwise, you will get serious consequences in the shape of Hepatitis C.



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