6 Medical Reasons of Why I Can Not Sleep At Night.?

Why I Can Not Sleep At Night

With the advancements in modern technology, we have changed not only our physical world but also the mindsets. Norms that were considered a must part of life, are taken as for granted nowadays and this shift has created a lot of disturbances in our personal lives. In the past days, people used to go to bed earlier and wake up early in the morning but in recent days we are in a habit of completing tasks late night and fallen asleep till midday. Here the question is have you ever thought why God has created day and night and why there is no sunlight at night time? In this article, you will find out the answer to your most asked question “why I can not sleep at night”. You will be surprised by the reasons behind your sleepless nights and will be thankful for such simple tips.

Medical Description of Why I Can Not Sleep At Night?

You might have asked this question that ” why I can not sleep at night” and about all of them had not taken it seriously. Most of them have told you that they are also into the same situation and even some of them have said that it is normal. This is why because they are ignorant of the fact that a person can die if he does not sleep for consecutive three days.

But if you would have asked the same question from a doctor he might have introduced the word Insomnia to you. And yes it is a medical condition characterized by a sleep disorder where a patient is unable to fall asleep at night. This condition is considered serious and chronic if a person is unable to sleep three nights a week for three months.

Why I Can Not Sleep At Night

Medical Reasons for Why I Can Not Sleep At Night:

We all have a clock at home to follow the schedule similarly every human being has a clock in his body which is known as a biological clock. This clock works with different chemicals and controls your biological age and sleep and wake up cycles. At night when it gets darker your body releases hormone melatonin which prepares your body for sleep. And that is why we all turn the lights off before sleep.

Six Reasons Why I Can Not Sleep At Night:

There might be many reasons, why I can not sleep at night, ranging from mental, physical to the spiritual levels and it varies from a person to person. A few that are mostly observed in most of the people are given here.

1. Stress:

Stress is a major factor that directly affects sleep. Whenever you are going through stress you find it very difficult to sleep even after a tiring routine. The reason behind this is the chemical disturbance in your brain. Stress can be due to external factors like noise, disease and any loss or internal factors such as unguided thoughts.

2. Unhealthy Diet:

A healthy diet is very important to keep your body fit. Eating a lot of junk food especially at night puts a lot of burden on your stomach which causes restlessness of the mind and body.

3. Late Night Work:

Staying awake late-night changes the sleep patterns and shifts your sleeping hours from night to the day time so that you are unable to sleep at night.

4. Medical Reasons:

Sometimes people who follow the proper routine and adopt a healthy lifestyle also have the same question, why I can not sleep at night? The answer to their question is the chemical imbalance in their body that is less production of melatonin as discussed above. There can be other medical complications such as body pains which causes restlessness during sleep.

5. Use of Gadgets at Night:

This heading is the correct answer to many people who ask why I can not sleep at night. In recent days many people are in a habit of using gadgets before sleep without knowing that the UV radiations from these devices interfere with their sleeping patterns and cause insomnia.

6. Poor Eating Habits:

If you are not feeding your body properly then you can have a sleep disorder. Your body sends a message to the brain whenever it feels hunger and the mind remains activated unless the required action is taken. So if you are into a habit of going to bed without having proper meals you will never be able to sleep properly.

Tips to Eliminate the Question of Why I Can Not Sleep At Night:

Listed below are the easy to apply tips that will help you in eliminating this confusion ” why I can not sleep at night” from your life.

  • Follow your thoughts and ask yourself why I can not sleep at night and guide them.
  • You are the one that has the correct reason for this sleeping disorder just try to read your mind.
  • Observe your routine and try to adopt a healthy lifestyle with proper sleep time.
  • Complete your tasks day time and avoid staying late at night no matter how important the work is.
  • Manage your workload by applying time management and smart work skills.
  • Give time to yourself, take time to identify the stress. Talk about your problems to yourself instead of others.
  • Avoid using gadgets before going to bed.
  • Try relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises or meditation before sleep.
  • Create an environment for sleep, try to adjust the same sleeping hours for all at home so that there are least distractions at night.
  • Identify your energy boosters and adopt a simple life as a simple life is the happiest life.
  • Last but not least is trying to connect with nature, establish your relationship with God and follow religious rituals.

Finally, proper rest and sleep of 6 to 8 hours is essential for every adult and taking less than it may lead to many physical and mental disturbances. And as we all are aware of this fact that a person with physical and mental illnesses is never able to perform well at any level whether it is personal or professional. So it is a must to eliminate this question ‘why I can not sleep at night” from your life by following the above-mentioned tips.

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