sinus infection treatment

Do you need to do extra struggle in breathing when you are going through flu? Or you feel some type of blockage in your nose? Then, you might be going through the sinus infection. But, don’t get frightened because in this era we have a lot of sinus infection treatment.

What is Sinus Infection? Are They Contagious ?

Symptoms and Treatment:

Sinuses itself is a cavity between the bone of the nose which is lined with tissues. Sinus infection (also known as Sinusitis or rhinosinusitis) is the condition in which you feel puffiness, swelling or irritation of sinuses. Once, your sinuses become blocked, they will surely be filled with fluid, as it cannot get out. This will lead to the growth of different types of germs which may lead to certain diseases.

sinus infection treatment


In adults, its major cause is smoking. Its causes also include swelling inside the nose, blockage in drainage duct and allergies. Dehydration is also a notable cause. For children, it is a communicating disease, as it can be by other kids at daycare centers etc.

sinus infection treatment


However, there are 45 types of sinus infections. But these are some common symptoms that can be observed in any type of sinusitis patient. Its symptoms include pain in your facial areas, blocked nose, some unstoppable liquid flowing through your nose and headaches. Also, you may feel your sense of smell decreased. While, having flu you may go through fever, blockage in breathing, extra sneezing, and tiredness.

sinus infection treatment


The sinus infection can be treated by your daily health physician. For severe cases, it is brought to ENT specialists. Here, is sinus infection treatment you should be aware of:


For a viral or bacterial sinus infection is treated with antibiotics. These antibiotics will improve your condition in 4-5 days. If, it doesn’t get better consult a doctor again. Your physician will probably recommend you new antibiotics for 10-14 days to be used continuously.

sinus infection treatment


Using nasal decongestant sprays for sinus infection treatment can get you rid of sinus temporary. One thing to notice is that you may not use it for more than three days, consecutive. It is because the long-term condition can make your condition worst. However, before you take sprays recommendation by your physicians, make sure that you tell your full health history. Regarding, the diseases you had before, or you have now.

sinus infection treatment


In some parts of the herbs are used as sinus infection treatment. A product called GeloMyrtol, which is a capsule of essential oil is mainly used. A mixture of cowslip, verbena, elderflower and gentian root called Sinupret is also used as an effective medication for sinus infection treatment. It is suggested not to mix these herbs yourself. The mixture of these is available in stores. Too much use of these herbs can give some bad side effects.

sinus infection treatment


Firstly, you should avoid things that irritate your nose, be it the smell of some particularly or dust. Smoking is key to majority diseases. Even, if you are not a smoker, surrounding yourself with some smokers or inhaling in its smoke can be injurious for your sinus. If you are sinusitis patient, then you should start special care in flu season. This will include washing your hands from time to time use of clean water etc.

sinus infection treatment

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