How to Reduce Double Chin? – Best Exercises to Reduce it.!

How to Reduce Double Chin

Double skin is the amassed fat under your chin. Its location is beside the skin crease that is naturally there. Another name for double chin is ‘submental fat,’ this formation of a layer is usually a symptom of over-weight, but this is not the only reason for double chin. Here we will discuss “How to Reduce Double Chin.?” and what are the possible treatments and exercises that can help you in getting rid of it.

Common Causes of a Double Chin

First, we will see what the possible causes of double-chin are, without further ado let’s get to know the causes of double-skin.


A double chin can be the result of age too, by the passage of time and age the skin starts sagging, and this can form a layer after the skin crease of your chin.


When the fats start amassing, then your skin starts losing its elasticity, and this can result in the double chin.


If it runs in your family, then you are most likely to develop a double chin.

How to Reduce Double Chin?

There are three ways to get rid of double-chin, glance below to figure out how things work out for reducing double-chin.

  1. Through diet
  2. Through exercise
  3. And, Through treatment

Decreasing a Double Chin through Diet

How to Reduce Double Chin

By controlling diet, you can reduce your double-chin, you have to lose your weight by doing so it will get smaller.

The most important ways to reduce it:

  • Add vegetable in your meal
  • Consume four servings of veggies on a regular base.
  • Don’t take processed foods.
  • Opt for whole grains instead of taking refined food.
  • Eat fruits thrice a time in a day.
  • Eat three servings of fruits daily.
  • Don’t take fried foods.
  • Consume lean protein like fish and chicken.
  • Consume olive oil, nuts, and avocados.
  • Opt for the dairy products that are in low-fat
  • The intake of sugar shouldn’t be much.

Decreasing Double Chin through Exercises

How to Reduce Double Chin?

There are multiple exercises that you can do for getting rid of double chin, these exercises hardly take 10 minutes.

1 – Straight jaw jut

Look at the procedure of this exercise:

  • Incline your head at the back, catch the sight of the ceiling by looking at it
  • For stretching the chin, you need to push the lower jaw on frontward
  • Grip your jaw just for ten seconds
  • That’s it.

2 – Neck stretch

The procedure of neck stretch given below, have a look:

  • You need to look forward with a straight posture
  • Take out your tongue maximum
  • Now lift it as you are going to touch the tip of your nose
  • Keep holding it for 7-10 seconds and then leave.

3 – Pucker up

The procedure of pucker up is below, take a look:

  • Stare the ceiling with your head tilted backward
  • Pull your lips in a way as you are going to kiss the ceiling, by doing so you will be able to stretch the layer of your double chin.
  • Stop pulling and get back to your normal state.

4 – Ball exercise

Let’s see how to do ball exercise:

  • Grab a ball of nine to ten inches and place it under your chin
  • Now press your chin as you are going to suppress the ball
  • Repeat the act daily for twenty-five minutes.

5 – Bottom jaw jut

How bottom jaw jut is done take a look:

  • You need to look at the ceiling with a tilted head; you have to keep your head back.
  • Move your head to the right
  • Bring the bottom jaw onward
  • Keep holding it for ten seconds and then release
  • Now move your head to left and repeat the same act.

6 – Tongue stretch

The exercise of tongue stretch is below:

  • Look forward in a straight position
  • Take out your tongue as much as you can
  • Try touching the tip of your nose
  • Wait for ten seconds and leave.

Decreasing Double Chin through Treatment

If all the ways mentioned above don’t work, then there are two treatments that medical have, one is Mesotherapy, and the other one is Lipolysis.

1 – Mesotherapy

It is a minor procedure in which there is a series of injections that comprise tiny amounts of fat-disbursing compounds. It is a bit painful treatment. This treatment can cause grave effects like serious nerve damage it happens because of the inappropriate injecting of injections. So be careful before opting for it.

2 – Lipolysis

In this treatment, the doctor uses a laser to scorch the fat, laser contours the skin too. Mostly it requires a local anesthetic that treats the double chin. This treatment is solely for fixing fat, through this you cannot increase the flexibility of skin.

Double chin distorts the attraction of your face especially your side-pose doesn’t look good at all with a double chin. That is why we shared maximum information about how to reduce double chin along with the fairly simple exercises. However, you can opt for the treatments after consulting your medic properly as he/she can suggest you and can guide you well according to his/her insight and experience.

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