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Is Psoriasis Hereditary

There are almost thirty-thousand diseases with whom we are familiar and have heard of, amongst this laundry list certain number of diseases are rare and very common. Some diseases are contagious, an epidemic and some are auto-immune. Things get tougher when you have to go through aggressive course of treatment that can also affect your health negatively.

I think it’s the auto-immune diseases that put you on tenter-hooks, it is essential to have know-how about such diseases and health conditions because this equips you with the valuable knowledge of their diagnosis and causes including the prevention. Here we have cherry-picked one of the auto-immune diseases Psoriasis. We will see whether is psoriasis hereditary or not?

What kind of disease psoriasis is?

It is an inflammatory skin sickness and chronic disease. It is an auto-immune ailment in which the immune cells that exist in your blood mistakenly identify the newly born skin cells as intruders and kill them. However, it overly produces new cells beneath the skin as a result. New cells start shifting to the surface and put great pressure on the existing and current skin cells. All this result in itching, inflammation, and scales.

Is psoriasis hereditary?    Is psoriasis hereditary

It is important to discover whether there is a link between psoriasis and your hereditary. It can be said that there is a chance of yours to get psoriasis if it runs in your family. There are many cases that medical have found that the majority of people who go through psoriasis have at least a single person from his family who also have this.

Having psoriasis in hereditary assures 100% that you will get it?

No, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get it anyway in case it runs in your ancestors. It only means there is a chance that you might get it. Psoriasis is a type of skin condition in which your skin particularly gets reddish, inflammatory and get itchy scales on the surface of the skin. There is a ten percent chance that you can get it if it is in your family.

Which areas of skin does psoriasis occur?

Psoriasis occurs in the following areas of skin:

  • It can happen on knees
  • It can occur on hands
  • Also, it can occur on feet
  • It can occur scalp

The patient of psoriasis gets on ill at ease and goes through unbelievable discomfort because all the time he feels an annoying irritation on his skin.

In what age psoriasis can develop in you?

It usually occurs in the age of fifteen and thirty-five. Though it is not sure that only this particular age-group can develop this, there is a possibility that at any age you can develop it. Every year twenty-thousand children are diagnosed and detected with psoriasis annually, and all the children were under the age of ten.

Is Psoriasis Hereditary?

Symptoms and diagnosis of psoriasis

A scientist is working on the hereditary reasons of psoriasis, they have started with an assumption that certain conditions come through a blip and error of the immune system. After studying and examining psoriasis affected skin reveals that it comprises enormous immune cells that yield cytokines that are inflammatory molecules.

Its symptoms are:

  1. Skin will start changing its color
  2. Hair and scalp will show the signs
  3. Nails will get pinkish spots on it


It is hard to diagnose psoriasis because it is very much similar to eczema, so to get rid of any uncertainty your doctor would suggest going for a biopsy. Your medic will take a tiny sample of your skin and will examine it thoroughly with a microscope.

The occurrence of other factors in the patients of psoriasis

Patients of psoriasis tend to have increased occurrence of the following health conditions and other incidences:

  • Heart diseases
  • lymphoma
  • Obesity
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • type 2 diabetes
  • depression and suicide
  • Smoking
  • Excessive Alcohol consumption

Is Psoriasis Hereditary?


Environmental factors and psoriasis

Some environmental factors can strongly influence and trigger psoriasis inception; these factors include:

  • Extraction of corticosteroids
  • HIV infection
  • Dry and cold weather
  • Drugs for instance such as lithium, antimalarial, and beta-blockers

Psoriasis signs develop when your immune system mistakenly commands the skin cells for growing speedily. Usually and normally new cells take weeks in their production, but when the new cells start producing excessively then it starts appearing on the surface of your skin, and that results in skin lesions of psoriasis. Your skin then begins to get drier, raised and the silver-white scales appear on your skin.

Treatment of psoriasis

Medical has been trying to bring the maximum relief, and for this, it has been making such medicines that are made up of certain substance belong to living things, medic injects that proteins that are lab-made into your body and tries to treat psoriasis this way.

Up-till-now there aren’t any surefire ways that can help in the prevention of psoriasis. The safer way is to take great care of yourself, pay attention to any infection of skin at the very first place. Follow a healthy lifestyle with good eating habits. Consume little time on exercises daily, restrict the use of tobacco and alcohol. So as far as this question Is psoriasis hereditary? Is concerned then it’s not a sure bet that you would get it in any way, there is little chance of its occurrence so stay alert and don’t ignore the skin infections.

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