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Acupressure is the old Chinese method of relieving pain from any part of the body. This method has been used to give relaxation to the muscles. For relieving headache, there are specific pressure points.

With the help of fingers or needles, we do a massage on the specific Pressure Points for Headaches for Headache. During this massage, we generate little force on the pressure points. Doing the massage on these Pressure Points for Headaches restores the balance in the body, give calm to the muscles and make you feel better than before.

This is a safe and easy method to get rid of the headache. For acupressure generally, we use herbal oils, teas, ice packs and other natural things through which we do exercises on these specific points.

How does the acupressure works?

There’s as such no specific logic behind the use of pressure points for relieving the pain. But generally, it is seen that the massage gives relief from tension and pain.  Doing exercises on the Pressure Points for Headaches directly affects the neural fibers in the brain. These neural fibers, in turn, generate the message for releasing the chemicals like endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin.

These chemicals relieve the pain by improving the blood circulation and relaxing the muscles. These chemicals help to maintain balance in the body by keeping a healthy body inside.

Pressure Points for Headaches

What are the specific Pressure Points for Headaches?

Below are some Pressure Points for Headaches that can guide you well in relieving headache. You must have proper knowledge of using the acupressure so that you can make use of these pressure points for headache.

Pressure Point DU 20

When you feel a headache at the vertex top of the brain, then you should use this pressure point for relaxing. With the help of middle fingers use small circles from the top of the brain to the skull and extend them to the ears. Doing this activity generously you’ll get rid of the headache that was teasing you. The cause of headache in the topmost area is stress, so we try to treat it effectively in a natural way.

Pressure Point UB 2

If you feel pain in the eye strains uses the tips of the index fingers to apply pressure in the inner of the eyebrows. You can make small circular movements to relieve the pain. Repeating this activity 5 to 10 times diminishes your pain.

Pressure Point Yu Yao

This is a very special way of relieving the headache of the eyestrain’s. All you have to do is to apply pressure on the middle of the eyebrows with the help of the index finger and then release suddenly.

Pressure Point LI 20

Apply pressure with the help of thumb or forefinger on the bridge of the nose. This will relieve the pain of the sinus headache that is the headache on the forehead.

Pressure Point DU 24

For the sinus headache, you can also use the pressure point for headache DU 24 in which you should use two index fingers. Make small circular movements from the top of the forehead to the ears. Repeat this activity many times until you feel good.

Pressure Point LI 4

This pressure point has been used for general headaches. This point is hard to find so in order to locate this point make an L shape.

With the help of left hand, right thumb and fingers we make L shape. Move the fingers gently on the targeted area of L shape. The leading cause of this headache is tiredness from the daily schedules. Apart from it, it has also been observed in pregnant women.

Pressure Points for Headaches

Pressure Point GB 1

This pressure point should be treated in case of temple headaches. Use the forefingers to do the circular movements on different sides of the face. Repeat the motions generously in the up and the down directions.

If your headache is because of restlessness and watching movies for a long time, then you should do the circular movements in the upward and forward directions. However, if the headache occurs because of some stress or physical force, then you should do the circular movements in the downward directions.

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