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Nail Art Designs for short Nails

There’s something about Negative Nail Art Designs for short nails that have driven girls crazy. This is because they are sick and tired of getting nail art done the traditional way. Nowadays, innovation is something that really matters and if you can come up with something interesting, people will certainly love your ideas.

Nail Art Designs for short nails:

The best part about this nail art is that it can still look good well beyond one week. Moreover, if the design is mainly on the upper half of your nail, and done in a gel. Then you can be pretty certain that it’ll last for up to a month. One of the coolest parts of a negative space manicure is how quick it is to create something stylish. The fun part is that getting this nail art done isn’t that time consuming. It’s best for long vacations, busy schedules, and low-maintenance folks. Not to forget, something really mesmerizing about the minimalism is that it feels fresher than a solid color. Let me just recommend a few nail art designs just to make things easier for you and I’m pretty certain that you won’t mind giving these a go.

But wait, don’t forget to begin with clear nails because you’re using the negative space of your nails to create art for this look. This obviously means that your nails should be clear and bear in mind, if you have any nail polish or nail polish residue, make sure you remove it with nail polish remover before you start off or else your hard work will go in vain.


Here, are some best negative space Nail Art Designs for short nails, you would like to know:


If you are one of those busy ladies who don’t have time to paint all 10 nails so let me just hook you up with a tip. All you have to do is paint one nail and paint racer stripes on the rest of your nails to match. There you have it, simple and easy.

Nail Art Designs for short Nails


If you want to try all-black nails, try negative space in a half-moon shape. It wouldn’t hurt making a little heart design just to give it a fancy look. Quick. Huh?

Nail Art Designs for short Nails

Checkers and Graphics :

Get a bit crazy with stripes and checkers with just a strip of the natural nail at the cuticle. Then you should go for checkboxes on the upper part of the nail just to create a unique look.

Nail Art Designs for short Nails



We all have those days when we just fail to decide which shade to wear. Wait for a second, who has time to think that much, let’s make it easy and use all the nail paints. Simply apply different nail colors on the tips of your nails and there you have it.

Nail Art Designs for short Nails


Let’s get into a few floral designs. Start off with painting white flowers placed randomly on each nail and that’s the only effort required in creating the effortlessly amazing look.


Nail Art Designs for short Nails

There you have it, folks, simple and easy because nobody has time to paint every single nail, so next time you plan to try something new, go for negative space nail art designs.


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