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How to make white face

Every woman dreams of having beautiful skin, a glowing complexion, and rosy fresh skin. When you have beautiful skin, then you don’t need to drain your wallet for purchasing ultra-expensive cosmetic. Dull complexion with clogged pores makes your personality dull because no matter how much layers of makeup you apply on your face it won’t look good until and unless you take precise measures.

Many factors affect the health of your skin, and sometimes it’s a causal behavior based on total negligence that turns your skin so dingy and unappealing. In this connection applying artificial things to beautify your skin can bring devastating results. A whiter face is something almost everyone desired for, so here we would suggest some ways that would explain how to make white face?

How to make white face with home-made things?

How to make white face?

It is a misconception of many of you that for making your face white, you need to bag a heap of creams and needs a special cosmetic treatment. Whereas you need to peep into your kitchen buffets, in your fridge and grab the hidden wonders to apply on your skin. Let see how to make white face with these simpler, quicker home-made remedies:

1. Bleach your face with lemon

Lemon contains bleaching properties in it, and it provides a speedy solution for your face because lemon can truly lighten up your skin and by applying on your face you can have a whiter face. For desired results take a half lemon and rub it on your face on regular bases. By doing so, you will be able to see a noticeable difference.

2. The mixture of honey and lemon

Honey is full of perks when it comes to improving your facial skin and its flaws, by combining it with lemon can bring excellent results. For getting the preferred results to take lemon and honey in equal proportion and apply it on your face properly. Take it off after 15-20 minutes. You can try it twice a week.

3. Utilize a tomato juice

Tomato juice is beneficial for your skin, to beautify your skin take one tomato and squeeze it, apply this tomato juice on your face on regular bases. By doing so gradually, you would feel a great difference. Your skin tone will get better, and your face would start glowing.

4. Combine cucumber and lemon

The mixture of cucumber and lemon will be effective for the ones who have oily skin, so apply a mixture of lemon juice and cucumber on your face and allow your skin to get lighter, fairer and brighter.

5. Tone your skin with mashed tomato

Mashed tomato works great on dull skin, so take one tomato and mash it, begin to apply the pulp of this mashed tomato on your face. This fluid will turn your face white rather pinkish.

6. Use fresh coconut for a fairer skin How to make white face

Fresh coconut water is extremely effective for brightening the skin, and it can even lighten the scars and spots of your face.

7. Cinnamon and honey

Cinnamon and honey are the best remedies for a dull complexion, take a half teaspoon of lemon and dust-off cinnamon on it, mix them well and apply it on your face.

8. Lighten up your skin with curd

Curd contains such properties in it that it can bring a substantial change in your face, so apply curd on your face daily and get a whiter face gradually but surely.

9. Saffron and olive oil

Olive oil offers a great deal of benefits not to just your body but also for the beauty of your face, take one tablespoon of olive oil and add a little amount of saffron it, apply it on your face twice a week for best results.

10. A fifteen-minute Facial mask

This fifteen-minute mask can be made by combining three ingredients. All these ingredients have to be in an equal proportion, so start combining a spoonful of each ingredient lemon juice, almond oil, and milk powder. Mix it well and apply this mask on your face. Wait for fifteen minutes and wash off.

11. With Egg-white get white

Egg-white is a miraculous treatment for skin, make it your habit to use egg-white on your face by applying it properly twice a week. You can cherish the desired results.

12. A mixture of four ingredients

The four ingredients are papaya, milk powder, honey, and milk, mix all of them and turn them into a smooth blend, apply this mixture on your face at least three to four times in a month. That is how to make white face with this mixture.

13. Turmeric and milk

Turmeric has certain properties in it that make it so beneficial for your face, take turmeric powder one teaspoon, add chickpea flour four tablespoons, to form a thick paste add an ample amount of fat milk in it. Mix this substance well and apply it on your face. Let it sit there for 30 minutes and then wash it with cold water.

How to make face white by following some dos and donts?

Many things affect the health of your skin, by taking them into your account you can bring a positive change in your complexion and into your skin. Take a quick look at these dos and donts that can help you in getting whiter and brighter face:


                              Dos                           Donts
Do eat healthy food items Don’t eat fried, oily foods immensely
Do remove your make-up before sleeping Don’t use cosmetic excessively
Do exfoliate your skin frequently Don’t get sun-exposure much
Do use natural ingredients Don’t use soaps excessively.


That is how to make face white, use the natural ingredients for beautiful skin. Also, take into consideration the above-mentioned dos and donts. As we told earlier that many things altogether affect your skin and complexion.

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