How to identify a Wart (Types of warts with pictures)

How to identify a Wart

If you are considering warts like a pimple, it can harm your skin more than you think. The first question which came to my mind is how to identify a wart? There is no need to be confused like me, I have researched well on the issue of wart as I had been suffering from wart for 3 months. Moreover, don’t treat this problem like your pimple problems. Having read this article, you will be able to identify and treat your warts in the right way. Without any delay, allow me to start a discussion to solve this scary problem.

How to identify a Wart?

To identify a wart, you will have to know the size, color, common locations of a wart, and what the main types of warts are.

Size of Warts

Size of Warts in Picture

Everyone would have seen the eraser which is stuck on one side of an HB pencil. The size of a wart is almost equal to the eraser of HB Pencil. Furthermore, if we talk about it in millimeters, it would be 3-4 mm.

Color of Warts

Warts color may differ from person to person. It mostly depends on the skin color of the suffered person. Mostly colors of warts may be yellow in color. Moreover, it can be Pale, Gray or black in color.  Commonly, a wart has a small nick in the center.

Most common locations of Warts

Location of warts changes according to its types. Suffered area of plantar warts is foot due to extensive walking in a day. Besides foot, the most favorite places of warts are back side of hands, chin, and forehead.

4 Common Types of Warts

The main cause of all types of warts is the HPV virus. Due to the different immune system of every person, it appears in different shapes.

1-Planter Warts, how to identify it?

Picture of Planter wart for identifying

As I have mentioned earlier that main cause of this type of warts is walking. Usually, warts are not painful but plantar warts are not the same. When you have to walk a lot in a day, your feet might face plantar warts. One other cause of plantar warts is shoes. Often, several shoes do not suit your feet skin. In result, you will have to face plantar warts.

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2- Flat warts and Identification Identify Flat wart with picture


Yes, I was also a sufferer of flat warts. Flat warts are small in size and usually in brown color but these warts are large in number. This type of wart is very smooth and difficult to feel with hand. If you talk about the location of flat warts, most of the times this type occurs on the face (Specifically on cheeks)


3- Filiform Warts and its identification

The pretty thing about these types of warts is that these are not a painful and worst side of these type of warts is that filiform warts ruin your beauty. Filiform Warts may appear on your lips or eyes which looks very strange.

Identify Filiform Warts with Picture

4- Genital Warts

Identify Genital Warts with Picture

The other type of warts is Genital warts. As we can see by name that Genital Warts appear in the genital area.

Moreover, it may transfer during unprotected sexual intercourse. Therefore, always use protected ways of sex. In addition, Genital Warts may create several complications during pregnancy.

Periungual Wart is also a rarely found type of warts. Its ratio is very low and the treatment of this type is very difficult because it can appear again after treatment.

I hope by reading all the aforementioned types of warts, it is very easy to identify a wart.

Do you know? 

A ratio of Warts problem is more in old age person than adults. The immune system of adults has the capability to defend the HPV virus attack on the skin. Furthermore, this ratio is also higher in children than in adults.

Various Other Facts of a wart

Warts are a very common disease in every region of the world. Almost everyone knows about warts but the following are various facts which I am going to reveal;

  • A person with damaged skin (Cut on the skin) is more likely to get wart infection. The virus can attack damaged skin easily.
  • The main culprit of Genital Warts is the HPV virus.
  • Warts can be contagious, it means warts can spread through touching others.
  • Do you know black pinpoint in the center of a wart is actually a blood vessel?
  • Warts can be prevented by adopting several precautions which are going to be mentioned below.
  • The pretty of this disease is that wart can go on its own without any treatment in most of the cases. However, treating warts is the best option.
  • If the number of warts is increasing day by day, you must visit a dermatologist for a complete checkup.
  • According to WebMD, warts are the most common skin problem after acne problems.
  • People with HIV having a weak immune system and can face warts problem more than a person without HIV.
  • There are a large number of women sufferer than a man with warts problems. Furthermore, children have more chances to get warts problem due to the weak immune system.


Warts might be diagnosed by the following methods

  • HPV (Human Papilloma Virus )test
  • Pap Test
  • Blood Test


The most interesting part of warts is that how can be avoided by these types of diseases. You will have to opt for certain precaution if you want to be safe from warts.

  • Wart is contagious: It means, warts spread with touching
  • So, don’t touch your hand (with warts) on the other parts of your body
  • Moreover, try to avoid the use of towel, soap, and a razor of the sufferer of Warts
  • There are more chances to be suffered if you have wound on your body, so try to stay away from the sufferer.



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