Home Remedies to Open Pores [5 Causes and Solutions]

Home remedies to Open Pores

At this planet, there are a few lucky individuals who have flawless skin that is why the cosmetics industry is skyrocketing by leaps and bounds. One major skin problem which more than 95% of people have been facing is open pores. Open pores give you an awful look to your personality. I know, you are also using filters to smooth your skin in your photos. Moreover, you are also using layers of makeup to hide these open pores from your beautiful face. Have you tired from applying filters on your photos and layers of makeup? If your answer is yes then why you do not use these following home remedies to open pores. Unlike makeup, these home remedies don’t have any side effects on your skin. Before telling you the secret to getting rid of these pores, I would like to share with you several causes of this awkward situation.

Causes of open Pores

I don’t want to waste your time by just adding rubbish material by defining what open pores are. If you are reading this article, I am pretty much sure that you are facing this problem and you have enough knowledge about it. Nevertheless, if you don’t know about it, after seeing various pictures in this article you will identify what the open pores are. Therefore, without any delay, I jump to the causes of open pores because you can avoid these by preventing the causes. Let’s start

  • Sebaceous Glands

Due to the imbalance in sebaceous glands, open pores become more visible on the face. Sebaceous Glands are the tiny oil-producing factories in our skins. When these tiny factories start to produce more oil than our skin becomes oily and pores become more visible. What makes these glands produce more oil? is important to question which must be answered here;


Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays those rays force the glands to produce more oil.

  • Age Factor

Age is another factor that added fuel to the fire. Owing to an increase in age collagen decreases in the skin. The reduction of collagen in the skin can increase the pores on the face.

  • Heredity

It might be a cause of this derma issue. However, it is not necessary that a mother with open pores face must have a daughter with this issue.

  • Cosmetic Products

It admits of no doubt that you use different cosmetic products to hide these pores from your face. However, most of these cosmetic products work inversely for your skin and pore become more visible after removing these products.

  • Hormonal Effects

It is my common observation (maybe not true) that during menstrual cycles, derma with more pores gets worse. Therefore, hormonal changes affect this problem.

  • Certain other factors

There are several other factors that might be responsible for this situation. If you feel that following might be the cause of this problem for your skin just skip it from your life;

  • Smoking
  • Fired Foods
  • You are rarely washing your face in a day.
  • Oil Makeup products


Home Remedies for Open Pores

My first advice to all the sufferers of this condition is that try to use natural ways to mitigate the situation. No doubt, there are numerous products in the market which claim to end these pores. In reality, it is impossible to end these pores but these can be alleviated up to invisible by home remedies. Let’s discover the natural ways to beautify your skin without layers of makeup and filters in your photos.

  • Ice Cubes

Ice Cube for open pores

To start with, I want to clarify that it is a temporary solution not permanent. You can use it before going to a party. Just take an ice cube and rub it intermittently for half an hour where you feel that pores are in excess. By doing this, pores will shrink for a short span of time and your skin starts to look better. After intermittently rubbing of an ice cube, cleanse and rinse your skin with tissue paper.

  • Clay Mask

Again it is also a temporary solution for your party functions. Just apply a clay mask for 5 minutes only. In addition, keep in mind that doesn’t apply a clay mask on your face if you have dry skin. If you have dry skin, just use ice cubes to rinse your face.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Luckily, Apple Cider Vinegar is beneficial for the people who are living in hot areas of the world like African Countries. In summer, the sun damages the face skin more than anything else. And Apple cider vinegar has healing power against these skin damages. You can use it in thick form. However, distilled ACV is recommended for open pores

How to use it?

  • Add ACV and water in a bowel equally
  • After mixing well, take a small cotton flock
  • Dip that cotton flock into the bowel
  • Massage your face with this soak cotton for 10 minutes
  • After 10 minutes, rinse/cleanse your face with lukewarm water.

It will tighten your skin and your pores on cheeks and nose will be the shrink. Keep practicing this method until you get your desired results. And don’t to use a soft cloth after applying ACV on the skin for cleansing the face.

  • Cucumber

Dehydration in your skin is enough to spoil your skin. Interestingly, Cucumber is the best solution to prevent dehydration. 97% of cucumber is water. Therefore, eat cucumber as a portion of food for glowing skin. Moreover, cucumber can be used in numerous ways as a home remedy for open pores like;

Cucumber for Open Pores

  • Make a paste of Cucumber and Yogurt and massage your face with this paste. Additionally, you can use this paste as a face mask. After applying the paste for 10 minutes, rinse it with water.
  • You can make a paste of cucumber and avocado with an equal amount of both and add 1 egg white in it. This paste will give you amazing results in a very short time.
  • Similarly, you can use cucumber with an essential oil like rosemary.
  • Lastly, a mixture of cucumber and 1 teaspoon honey not only tighten your skin but also improve your skin glowing power.

Egg White

Owing to the astringent characteristic of egg white, it has been used for open pores for centuries. As mentioned above, it can be used with cucumber in the following way

  • Crush a cucumber in juicer machine and add 2 egg white and make a homogeneous paste of it. Apply once in a day this mixture for 10 minutes. This remedy works in a magical way and you will feel a difference in your skin.
  • Besides cucumber and egg white mixture, you can use it with lemon juice. Squeeze 2 lemons and mix 2 egg whites in it and massage your cheeks, nose, and forehead with this mixture of lemon juice and egg white.
  • After applying the paste, rinse your face with soaked cotton in lukewarm water.

Tip of the day

As we all know, open pores have no side effects on our health and home remedies to open pores change as per skin situation. Therefore, everyone tries different home remedies for skin. You can also try honey and milk for open pores.  Thank you. Stay Blessed.

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