5 Best Home Remedies for Gum pain and Swelling

home remedies for gum pain and swelling

According to the US Center for Disease Control, about half of the adult population have gum disease in varying shape. Luckily, gum pain and toothache are easy to treat at early stages. Several home remedies for gum pain and swelling are enough to treat initially. Following home remedies have been using for hundreds of years and have outstanding impacts on the health of your teeth and gum. I have tried these remedies several times at home and always find satisfactory results within no time.

5 Home remedies for gum pain and swelling

Painful swollen gums are enough to destroy your unflappable kip. I know, there are no antibiotics for it at home in the last times of night. Surely, you have following items at your home at that time, use these below-mentioned items and say goodbye to your gum pain.

Home remedies for painful swollen gums

1- Salt and Black Pepper

Take half Tablespoon of salt and half tablespoon of ground black pepper. Blend salt and pepper well. Having mixed well, add a little quantity of water to make a paste. When you get a homogeneous paste, apply this paste on the affected area of your gum.

2- Garlic and Slat

I hope, you have garlic and slat at your home every time. Take a piece of garlic and crush it finely. After that, add a pinch of salt in crushed garlic. Just rub this mixture on the swollen part of your gum.

3- Clove and Vegetable oil

Take a half tablespoon of clove. Add any vegetable oil in it and make a paste of it. Brush on for five minutes where you feel gum pain.

Note: You can use Olive oil too instead of vegetable oil

4- Raw Onion

It is the most simple technique to relieve toothache and gum pain. Chew or place a piece of onion just for 5 to 10 minutes you will feel better. Moreover, it will mitigate the swollen part of your gum.

5- Lukewarm salted Warm

A universal remedy fa or toothache or any other gum disease. Just take half glass of water, and add a half tablespoon of salt. Place it on the heat. After 3 to 4 minutes, rinse your mouth with this water. And get rid of this excruciation.


  • Rinse your mouth after every meal
  • Quit smoking
  • No alcohol
  • Quit excessive use of Sugar
  • Give up any type of tobacco use

Note: If the pain is severe and having no effect of any home remedies, please consult with your doctor.

Tip of the day

Add vitamin D in your food to avoid any kind of tooth and gum disease.



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