5 Home Remedies for Flu and Sore Throat (Easily available at home)

home remedies for flu and sore throat

Whenever I am suffered from Flu or sore throat, I try my best to experience various home remedies for the flu and sore throat rather than medication. No doubt, medicines are also effective but the side effects of medicines are always more than herbal and home remedies. So, I suggest you that always try natural remedies for the flu. Everybody knows natural remedies which are used in every house. The real problem is that how much quantity of these remedies we should take to increase the effectiveness of these remedies. Moreover, the right method to use all these panaceas can lead your life towards a healthy life.

Best Home Remedies for Flu and Sore Throat

There are various natural ways to treat the seasonal flu and sore throat, but I am jotting down here only those methods which will be easily available at home. So, you would not have to go to buy anything from the market.

1- Herbal Teas

Keeping in mind that availability of all the ingredients of herbal teas should be at your home, I will tell you the simple herbal tea but potent in flu. In addition, you may be the master in making the best tea at your home, however, herbal tea for flu has some different technique to make. Only 3 ingredients Ginger, garlic and a small amount of jalapeno are required. Put all of these ingredients in the bottom of a pot and decent warm water on these ingredients. Cover the pot for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, pass all the mixture through a filter and mix 2 tablespoons of honey for a sore throat.

home remedies for flu and sore throat

Do you know? All the ingredients, used in the tea, not only good for your flu symptoms but also good for your digestive system.

2- Salted lukewarm water

As per my promise, at the start of the article, again all the remedies are easily available at your home. Take a half tablespoon of salt and pour lukewarm water (1 glass) and make a gargle for 5 to 10 minutes. Every time, I use this and get the magical result in a single day. I would like to say that salted water gargle is the best way to treat a sore throat and flu.

3-Coconut Oil for Flu and Sore throat

I always enjoy the flu whenever I suffered from it. Do you know why? I increase the usage of coconut oil in daily life and it gives me an extra taste in my cooking. So, it is the only treatment which is more delicious than anything. You can use it in milk, tea or several other beverages.

Why I did not use Coconut Oil daily?

I only use coconut oil to treat the flu. Besides this, I use it rarely because it has saturated fat and can become a cause of heart disease. So, use only 2 tablespoons in a day if you never take it before.

Note: You can use other essential oils for flu and sore throat. By sniffing, you might treat your flu and sore throat.


Again a yummy recipe is here to treat your flu. I would not write a lengthy paragraph on soup, as everybody knows how to make a chicken corn soup. However, be careful while using it, the best season of using it is winter. It can be used if you are not suffering from flu.

home remedies for flu and sore throat


5-Try Juice of Vegetables

Last but not least is vegetable juice. Vegetable juice would increase the capability of your immune system and make you ready to fight against the attack of influenza. Moreover, taking more fluids is beneficial in flu, it would help you to mitigate the severity of dehydration of your body.

I tried myself to tell the best and delicious home remedies for flu and sore throat so that you can cover up flu with tasty natural remedies. If you know more, please do comment. Stay Blessed.





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