5 Home Remedies for Cold and Cough for Kids: Effective and Productive

home remedies for cold and cough for kids

Changing weather always brings trouble for moms. Kids are always affected by weather changes. In winter, there are chances to suffer from cold and cough. However, good moms always know the home remedies for cold and cough for kids. If you want to be a good mom and want to be an extra caring mother, this article will help you to take care of your child’s health care. Cold and cough are very common but you can control it by following remedies. We have tested several times these remedies and believe me these remedies have magical results. Let’s start

Best Home Remedies for Cold and Cough for Kids

The immune system of a kid is not able to defend the body against the attack of Rhinovirus and the kid starts to face various symptoms of the cold. Following home remedies are considered a blessing for kids’ health in cold because these remedies have been using since the beginning of medical sciences.


The most merciful God gave us many thanksgivings, but the sweetest and delicious is Honey. Besides its taste, honey has a healing power in it. However, I will tell you the effective usage of honey to cure a cold and cough.

Usage: Honey can be used in many ways to treat your cough and cold but I usually use honey in warm water. 2 tablespoon of honey in half water glass is enough for 2 years old child.


home remedies for cold and cough for kids

Like honey, ginger can be used for various diseases. For a cough and cold, you can take a cup of Ginger tea in a day. I have also another productive method to use Ginger and honey for cold and cough.

Special Ginger Remedy for our Readers

Take a cup of water and put ginger and turmeric in small quantity. Start to heat this mixture for 10 minutes. After this mix 1 tablespoon honey and 2 to 3 drops of fresh lemon in this mixture.

Allow the mixture to refrigerate at room temperature. Use this mixture once in a day


Water helps to improve your immune system. It is good to drink more water in an illness. Moreover, in most cases, body dehydrates and you have to drink more water. According to research, a one-year-old child requires a 0.23 liters water in a day. So, maintain this quantity of water in your child.

4-Rub the Chest

Please keep in your mind that if your child is older than 2 years than you can use this otherwise leave this portion and read the next heading.

Various creams are available in a market for rubbing the chest of kid. Vicks Vaporub is slightly good as per my experience. Before use it, consult with your physician.

5-Essential Oils

Several essential oils are used to mitigate a cough and cold but the most effective oil which I have used time and time is Eucalyptus essential oil. You can use it for rubbing the chest or inhaling the vapors of this oil. I am also mentioning other essential oil which is also beneficial;

  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Peppermint
  • Oregano
  •  Thyme Essential Oil

Tip of the Day

There can be various causes of cold and cough but the weather is the main reason. So, protect your children from the severity of the weather. No doubt, these home remedies for cold and cough for kids have magical effects but taking care of children is more important. Take Care.

In last, please do comment in the comment section if you have any other remedy for cold and cough of your kids.

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