Can HIV be Cured at Early Stage? A Detail Discussion

can hiv be cured at the early stage

HIV virus has affected more than 34 million people of the world, according to a report of amfAR. In addition, 7000 people are the prey of the HIV virus on a daily basis. The question is that can HIV be cured at an early stage? Can the treatment of these 7000 people with Human Immunodeficiency Virus be possible? The answer to these questions is ambiguous and I need to discuss this question in detail. Unfortunately, scientists haven’t discovered any treatment for the patients of the last stage of HIV infection so far. However, there is hope for the sufferer of HIV at an early stage. If you didn’t read the stages of HIV, first read 5 stages of HIV infection. It will help you to understand this article in an effective way.

Can HIV be cured at Early Stage?

Before answering this question, I will have to explain the early stage of HIV. The following are various facts about the early stage of HIV.

  • The early stage of HIV is also called Acute Primary Infection
  • The time period of this stage consists of 4 to 6 weeks after introducing the virus in a body
  • This initial phase is more rigorous and gloomy for the patient.
  • Flu-like symptoms are common in this phase. Moreover, fever, fatigue, and HIV rashes are various other symptoms that a patient may feel at this stage.

Symptoms of Early stage of HIV

I hope, now you have enough knowledge about the initial phase. Now come towards the main topic about the cure of HIV at an early stage.

Unfortunately, there is no natural cure for this disease so far. However, there are other two types of cure like Sterilizing cure and functional cure. The good thing is that a Functional cure is possible for the patient of HIV at the initial phase.

How Functional Cure is possible for HIV at Initial Level?

The first thing which is crucial for the cure of HIV is a timely diagnosis. If a person diagnoses HIV timely and correctly then a functional cure is possible. In functional cure, although complete eradication is not possible yet HIV virus can be decreased at its lowest level. Various antiretroviral drugs are a way of functional cure. Antiretroviral therapy helps to strengthen the immune system of a patient.

Dr. Horberg said, “Human Immunodeficiency Virus is still there but in very low amount. Moreover, CD4 cells of the body have the capability to protect from any other disease.”

Therefore, if you have diagnosed HIV in first 10 weeks then you are an early stage of HIV and the cure of HIV is possible at this level. Hence, no need to be disappointed to enjoy your life in a great way and rush towards your physician for further guidance.

Tip of the Day

If a person gets affected by HIV and lives with AIDS then there are also rays of hope for him. Have you never seen the American basketball player Magic Johnson? He has been spending a quality life with AIDS. If he can enjoy life with HIV at the last stage then why you cannot do it? Yes, you can do it. Never lose hope and live your life as you can.



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