high protein recipes

Do you know how important and fruitful it is to consume high protein recipes? Especially those recipes that fill you up? This means you’ll fill your stomach with less food that certifies a healthy and a slim body.

Looking with a body builder’s eye:

Bodybuilders tend to consume foods that contain protein in high proportion. This is because protein helps them to build muscles and gives them the energy to perform various exercises in the gym while keeping their weight normal. But protein is a vital part of your diet no matter you are a bodybuilder or not, protein is important for your body to keep up with the activities. Therefore, it is important for you to know how much protein you’re consuming so better keep track of it.

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Consuming eggs can give you protein in great proportion. It has high-quality protein. One large egg contains approximately 6 grams of protein including 9 essential amino acids that help fill your stomach up. You can make an omelet, boiled egg sandwich, a delicious club sandwich in order to consume eggs. Just use some butter, eggs, salt, and pepper with vegetables of your choice and your sandwich is ready. Do toast your sandwich as it will taste so much better with a crunch. Studies found that consuming egg instead of a bagel for breakfast fills your stomach and gives you energy.

high protein recipes


Fish is most popular for being loaded with high-quality protein. Making yourself a fish burger, grilled or steamed fish will keep your weight controlled and give you good taste too. Furthermore, some studies confirm that fish has a stronger effect on the fulfillment of the stomach than any other spruce of protein.

high protein recipes


Foods such as lean meats are very filling and have lots of protein in them. These include beef that is a fantastic effect on satiety. One important study found that people who included high-protein meat in their lunchtime ate 12% less at dinner, compared to those who had a high-carb meal for lunch.

high protein recipes


Greek yogurt has a thick consistency compared to regular yogurt. Therefore, it is higher in protein. So it is not a bad idea to add that in your breakfast or even lunch and dinner. Eat Greek yogurt directly or make a smoothie out of it. It will take delicious either way. But be aware of the calories you consume from it. When a person fasts, he is recommended to eat yogurt before starting his fast as it keeps the stomach full. Those who ate the high-protein Greek yogurt felt full the longest, were less hungry and ate dinner late.

high protein recipes


How can we forget about vegetables? They are nutritious as well as the rich source of natural protein. With protein, they’re full of vitamin, minerals, and lots more energy. Vegetables are also high-volume, low-calorie foods. They contain fiber and water, that adds bulk to your meals. Make vegetable salads and eat them with your food. A study found that eating salad in the large portion before a meal increased the feeling of fullness and reduced overall calorie intake.

high protein recipes

Thus, we have an ongoing list of high protein recipes, so which recipes do you prefer the most?

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