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Hepatitis C also know as (HCB) is a disease that causes your lungs to inflame and causes severe infection in the lungs. It is of two types so it can either be acute or chronic. One risk of having hepatitis C is that there is still no hepatitis C treatment or vaccine for it yet but there are vaccines for hepatitis A and B, there’s no vaccine for hepatitis C. As Hepatitis C is highly contagious, this is the reason that explains why a lot of people develop this disease.

What are the Symptoms ,Complications and Treatments of Hepatitis C?

Here, is some important information about this disease, you would like to know:


If you have hepatitis C, symptoms will not appear suddenly. They take weeks and months to appear. Following are the symptoms that will appear with time is you have hepatitis C:

  • Feeling very tired.
  • Sore muscles.
  • Joint pain.
  • Fever.
  • Nausea or poor appetite.
  • Stomach pain.
  • Itchy
  • Dark urine.

Doctors are still working on the vaccines related to the treatment of hepatitis C but are not yet succeeded in doing so. But before coming to the treatment, you should be diagnosed with hepatitis C. If your doctor is certain from the symptoms that you have from hepatitis C, he’ll give you a series of blood tests to confirm that you have hepatitis C or not. Your doctor will recommend you a liver function test if he thinks your liver is damaged. This will further confirm whether you have hepatitis C or not. The doctor will use a small piece of tissue from your liver to test it for cell abnormalities.

Hepatitis C – Treatment :

If a person is suffering from hepatitis C and if his immune system is strong, he can easily fight the disease. The problem starts with the person whose immune system is weak. It becomes a huge problem to fight it. If your immune system is strong and is doing well in fighting the disease out of your body, your doctor will keep an eye on you and will regularly test your blood to make sure or to keep a check of how much of the disease is left.


For the people who have a weak immune system that can’t fight the disease efficiently, there are special treatments for them. Previously in the past, hepatitis C treatment regimens required a series of injections that stretched for more around 48 weeks. For this treatment, there was a high risk of your life being at risk.

This treatment brought side effects with it that were life-threatening weekly injections for 48 weeks. But now as we’re living in the era where there’s ample of technology that benefits us. There are newly developed antiviral medications that have a higher cure rate that is also effective with no or very few adverse side effects. Other than that, this new treatment doesn’t require weeks or months to get hepatitis C out of your body. This treatment is short and more effective. Therefore, it depends on your condition on how worse or settled it is. More importantly, your doctor may decide whether antiviral treatment is likely to provide more benefit than give harm to your body.

Lastly, a person himself should be aware and take care of anything that can give you risk of having hepatitis C like avoiding the need to share items such as razors or toothbrushes, sharing needles, and avoiding sexual contact with the person who has hepatitis C.


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