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Heart skips a beat meaning

Human body carries a full-fledged complex system in it that runs in a particular way with its specific fixed patterns. All the organs of the body have to function correctly because if any of them somehow stops working in a preferred way, then it can affect the functionality of other organs too. This can be grave and disturbing.

There are five vital organs in our body, and for survival, these five vital organs should keep working properly. Vital organs include the liver, lungs, kidneys, and heart. A heart is a muscular part that is the size of one’s fist. A heart is responsible for pumping blood throughout your body. It supplies oxygen + nutrients to the tissues. It is essential to know about the health of the heart and the anomaly it can go through. Sometimes your heart irregularly misses the beat so here we will discover heart skips a beat meaning something can be really serious and what factors are involved in it?

Heart skips a beat meaning anything serious?

Palpitation of heart denotes about skipping a beat. It can make you feel like a trivial flutter in the chest. A missed heartbeat isn’t a missed one; rather it is an extra beat. According to the medical, it is a premature beat.

Premature beats and its types:

The extra beat that is premature beat is usually of two types:

  1. A premature atrial
  2. A premature ventricular

The location of a premature atrial contraction is on the top chamber of your heart whereas the location of a premature ventricular contraction is on the lower chamber of your heart and this is also responsible for driving the blood into the other parts of the body.

When does the premature beat occur?

So actually, a heart skips a beat meaning that it is the electrical impulses that come from your heart happen to detonate and blow up a bit earlier than usual and this results in premature beat and to which you feel like a skipped heartbeat. Something good about it is that usually there is nothing to be panic about the premature beats because it denotes that that heart structure is fine.

Is the skipped heartbeat alarming?

In case your heart skips the beat frequently and more often then you need to pay attention because it will be safe to have a word with your doctor to see whether everything is normal or serious. It shouldn’t occur too frequently.

What reasons can trigger the heart to skip a beat?

Heart skips a beat meaning

Several factors can be the cause of a skipped heartbeat; let’s take a quick look:

  1. Anxiety and Stress

Stress always brings the terrible effects for one’s health; for the heart, it is even devastating. When you take the stress, your brain ignites a certain response in the result of that response your body reacts it quickly to a stress and this eventually hikes up the stress hormones, and then your heart skips a beat.

  1. Lack of water intake

When you don’t keep yourself hydrated then it can invite many problems, plenty of water enables the heart to beat efficiently. Water deficit disrupts the electrolyte balance, and this may result in a missed heartbeat.

  1. A deficit of minerals in the body

Your body needs all the essential minerals and the deficit of magnesium. Potassium can affect the health of your heart too. Especially the intake of magnesium is a must for your heart as it decreases the risk of heart attacks.

  1.  Alcohol intake 

Excessive use of alcohol can wreck your health for sure, by consuming it immensely your stress hormones can get disturbed, this can affect the heartbeat.

Heart skips a beat meaning

  1. Hormones imbalance

In some certain health conditions, hormones imbalance takes place such as in thyroid issues, menopause, etc. This can trigger the extra heartbeats and to soothe them you can seek medication by consulting a doctor.

  1. Insufficient sleep

Sound sleep of 6-7 hours is must take; insufficient sleeping hours can put you in real trouble. It can make you feel weary, and this particular feeling can make the heart skip the beat.

Heart skips a beat meaning

  1. Exercise

Sometimes it happens their excessive exercise can turn the heartbeat abnormal, so it will be wise to perform an exercise within limits.

Heart skips beat meaning to see your doctor when the following happenings occur

Look at the happenings we mentioned below and see when you should contact your doctor and take the skipping of beat seriously:

  • In case your heart beats above than 100 times per minute
  • Is the heartbeat-skipping continuously or with an interval?
  • If your cholesterol level hikes up, then don’t ignore the skipping of a beat.

So that is all about skipping a heartbeat, take all the necessary measures for the health of your heart and try to stay away from all those factors that can ruin its health. Heart skips a beat meaning sometimes to be attentive, stay alert as sometimes it can be dangerous.

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