Effective Heart Attack Emergency Treatment at Home

Heart Attack Emergency Treatment at Home

We all have seen in the movies or theater plays a person becomes unconscious or dead right after going through some distress or emotional disturbance, which is later explained as a heart attack. But you will be surprised after getting to know, this is just a misconception. We all know this fact that heart attack is a most leading cause of death worldwide that is why it is presented as a cause of a person’s sudden death in the teleplays as well, which is a cardiac arrest in actual. Being responsible citizens we must have a complete piece of knowledge about some life-threatening cardiac disorders and their first aid treatment.

This will help in lowering the number of deaths that happens because of delay in treatment. In this article, some effective heart attack emergency treatment at home is explained which will help in better handling of a patient. We must get these skills and use them at the right time so that life expectancy is improved.

Role of Heart in Human Body:

The heart is a pumping organ that supplies blood to each organ for the proper functioning of the body. It is made up of a special kind of muscle, called cardiac muscle. Like other muscles, the function of cardiac muscle is to contract and relax. One complete contraction and relaxation of the heart produces a heartbeat and a normal healthy heart beats about 72 times in a minute. The heartbeat is different for each activity.

Working of the Heart:

A normal healthy heart works by a complete cycle of contraction and relaxation of its muscle. It passes through four phases.

  • Contraction of atria: the blood is transferred into the ventricles
  • Relaxation of atria: the blood fills in the atria
  • Contraction of ventricles: the oxygenated blood is pumped into arteries, from where it is supplied to the different body parts
  • Relaxation of ventricles: the ventricles are filled with blood again

Heart Attack Emergency Treatment at Home

What is Heart Attack:

Like every part of the body, the heart itself needs a supply of blood and nutrients which is provided through the coronary artery. A heart attack happens due to the blockage in the blood vessel so that the supply of blood stops due to which that part of the cardiac muscle becomes dead. The severity of the disease depends upon how much portions of the heart muscle has become dead.

Importance of Heart Attack Emergency Treatment at Home:

If you compare heart attack with cardiac arrest, the second one is more fatal but there are more reported cases of death due to heart attack. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 790,000 Americans get a heart attack each year. The reason behinds are the lack of knowledge and skills needed to handle the situation. Taking immediate action can save a person’s life.

How to know and Different Ways of Heart Attack Emergency Treatment at Home:

The following given are the standard and optimal methods of heart attack emergency treatment at home.

1. Observe the Symptoms of A Heart Attack:

The heart attack does not happen suddenly. It appears almost 20 to 30 minutes after showing the symptoms of the disease. If the person experiences the following symptoms he may have a heart attack:

  • Difficulty in breathing or shortening of breath
  • Sweating
  • Severe pain in the upper body, chest or left arm
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Fear
  • Discomfort in abdomen
  • Suddenly faint or dizzy

These symptoms or signs must be taken seriously without any delay in the treatment. As symptoms may vary in males and female so you need to be careful in evaluating the situation. In females, the symptoms of heart attack are mostly confused with indigestion and jaw pain.

2. Make the Patient Comfortable:

After knowing the situation, you should first make the patient relax. Do not panic or create chaos because it will make his condition worse. You must follow the given steps for this:

  • Make him sit comfortably, in a half-sitting position with the good support of head and shoulders and knees bent
  • Make his clothing lose at neck, chest, and waist, open the buttons of his shirt and cuffs
  • Open the airways
  • Let him take in air as much as he can
  • Do not gather around him, only the attendant should handle him

3. Seek for a Professional Help:

Always make an emergency call and seek a professional as soon as possible. Even if the patient seems stable do not the situation easy and make hospital arrangements for him. You can make a call at 911 or another helpline.

4. Perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR):

CPR is an emergency procedure done through chest compression to restore breathing and blood circulation in the patient with a heart attack. It is not difficult to perform if you when and how to apply the force on the patient’s chest.

Here are the given following steps to perform CPR:

  • Make the patient lying down on his back
  • Interlock the fingers
  • Give chest compression periodically

You must have a practice of CPR before performing it on a patient because the right way of CPR will help to restore the patient’s breath and blood circulation spontaneously.

5. Use an AED if available:

AED stands for an automated external defibrillator which is applied to restore the heart rhythms in case of cardiac failure. Use of AED at the right time can save patients life for this you need to follow the given steps:

  • Turn on AED
  • Clean the chest area, wipe off moisture and dry it
  • Apply the AED pads
  • Let the AED analyze
  • Give shock to the patients if necessary
  • Perform CPR

Effectiveness of Emergency Heart Attack Treatment at Home:

The first five minutes after a heart attack are very important to the patient so if the right treatment is given it can save a patient’s life. Most of the people waste this time because they do not know the heart attack emergency treatment. If you learn these skills you will not regret later on losing someone’s life because of a heart attack.

For making the heart attack emergency treatment at home one must not do the followings:

  • Never allow the patient to drive or walk
  • Do not give anything to the patient through the mouth
  • Do not keep your door locked in such a situation
  • If you are alone at home and have a heart attack, open the door and lie down in front of the main door where you can be easily seen by the passengers

All the mentioned heart attack emergency treatment at home is very easy to apply at a time of need. You should learn these through first aid training programs or the internet as saving one’s life must be your priority.

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