Good Fats for Weight Loss : [7 Foods for your Diet Plan]

Good fats for weight loss

When you want to lose weight (or just watch your weight), there is a popular idea that unfortunately is always hard: “to lose weight and be healthy, it is absolutely necessary to remove fats from our diet “. However, in a modern age where a lot of research has performed for weight loss, removing fats from your diet seems a stupidity. There are several good fats for weight loss nowadays. Those good fats contain a sufficient amount of proteins, minerals, starch, and healthy cholesterols. Therefore, these fats would certainly lose your weight with positive impacts on your health. In this article, I will try to explain various fats that may help in your journey of smartness. Let’s start

7 Foods: Good Fats for Weight Loss

I am going to reveal 7 foods which can be enlisted in the healthy foods.

Boiled eggs

Boiled eggs for weight loss

Eggs contain a large amount of protein and vitamins, including vitamin B12. They are often used in many slimming programs. Indeed, they are very effective for weight loss.

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Eggs are therefore not cooked in fat, so you only eat the food and enjoy its benefits, without damaging them. In addition, this food has an appetite suppressant effect that will bring a feeling of satiety and will help you to eat less.

It is also a good source of long-lasting energy, which will allow you to easily last until the next meal without feeling hungry.


Coconut fats for weight loss

If you are on your dieting plan and coconut oil is not in your food list then you would be making a mistake. As per my knowledge, coconut and coconut oil are the best fat which can be used for weight loss. Therefore, without any delay, add coconut oil in your food list if you want to lose weight. Coconut oil reduces your appetite and more calories burn if you eat less.


Spinach for goof fats

Spinach contains many vitamins and proteins. They are leafy greens which have an advantage not to be overlooked: their protein content is close to 50%. They are therefore also an excellent source of sustainable energy for the body. In addition, they are low in calories, which makes them Slimming food to be preferred.

They are also very good antioxidants that will be very effective in restarting Cellular and blood activity as well as that of emunctories – the organs that eliminate waste and toxins.


Avocado for weight loss

Avocado is a low calories fruit and very beneficial for weight loss. Unlike other fruits, it contains only 160 calories in a 100g serving. Moreover, the use of avocado in breakfast gives you stunning results. Therefore, it can be placed at the top of the list of good fats for weight loss. In addition, you can use it with boiled eggs in your breakfast.

Dark Chocolate

Source of Dark Chocolate is a cocoa tree. Dark chocolate has several benefits for human health. According to a vigilant survey, the use of dark chocolate reduces the risk of heart attack and other heart diseases. Moreover, it mitigates the appetite and helps in weight loss.  Besides weight loss, it helps to improve your skin by protecting it from ultraviolet rays.


Almond: A source of Good fats

Almond is also a great source of good fats. In 28 grams of almond, 14 grams of fats are present. Presence of antioxidant makes the almond perfect for your health. Moreover, vitamin E gives you sufficient energy while you are following your dieting plan for weight loss. Thus, almond is a highly recommended fat, which will give you the desired results.

Fresh cream

We often thought, wrongly, that in order to lose weight, we had to completely ban fat and lipids from our diet. However, recent studies have highlighted the fact that it was mainly the combination of sugar and fat (carbohydrate/fat) that hurt our silhouette. We can, therefore, have a diet rich in fat fresh cream cream cheese, etc. and lose weight, as long as our carbohydrate intake remains low enough! Yes: when lipids become our fuel source, our body is forced to tap into our fat reserves to make energy.


Tip of the Day

Besides the inclusion of all the above-mentioned foods in your weight loss, a 30-minute walk daily can give you magical results in a very short span of time. In short, daily and aforementioned good fats for weight loss are the open secrets of your desired outcome.



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