Diet for Glowing Skin in 10 Days: A complete Tested Plan

diet for glowing skin in 10 days

Can I assign you a task? Find out a woman who doesn’t have any desire for glowing skin. Definitely, you will not fulfill your task. Every person had an innate desire for perfect skin, unfortunately, everyone could not get it in past. Now it is possible having a charming skin.  Yes, I will tell you a plan of your diet for glowing skin in 10 days. I know, only eating the balanced diet cannot give you such fast results. To get fast results, I will tell you that how much-balanced diet you would eat and how much you would apply on your face.  Let’s start our plan

A Complete Diet for Glowing Skin in 10 Days

A balanced diet keeps you fit by maintaining your metabolism and give you a charming skin also. First I will tell you 4 foods which you should eat on daily basis and after that how you can apply these foods on your skin will be discussed.

Foods to Eat

  • Avocado

For several hundreds of years, avocado has been used to mitigate the toxins in the skin. One of the main sources of wrinkles and aging symptoms is UV rays. However, Thanks to nature who give us such a nice blessing in form of Avocado. According to Healthline, you may use 100g Avocado daily, which can award you sufficient Vitamin E (Vitamin E is essential for skin like water is essential for a life).

  • Tomatoes

diet for glowing skin in 10 days

Have you ever thought that why the color of tomatoes is red? I will tell you the story. There is phytochemical in tomato called Lycopene which gives a reddish color to tomatoes. Furthermore, it is equally beneficial for your skin and has a capability to turn your aged skin into a youthfulness skin. Make a tomato paste and take 3 tablespoons of it daily. In the next discussion, I will tell you, how tomato paste can be used on the skin effectively.

  • Sweet Potatoes

To keep your face more fresh various nutrients are essential like vitamin E, A, several Fats, and Beta-Carotene. Vitamin A or Carotene are present in sweet potatoes in a sizeable quantity. So, make a habit to eat it daily. Additionally, it fights against sunburn and UV rays.

Foods to Facial

All the above foods I requested to eat daily, now I will tell you that how you can use these foods on your skin which give you the best results just in 10 days.

Avocado: How to use?

Using Avocado for face mask can change you from a girl to an attractive girl. So, Let’s start how you can use it.

  • Make a thick paste of half of the avocado.
  • 1 Tablespoon of Fresh Yogurt
  • ½ Tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar or lemon
  • 1 Teaspoon of Honey

Mix all the ingredients well and apply on your face for 15 minutes. Then wash your face and dry it up with a soft towel.

Tomatoes: How to Use it?

Would you remind that you have made tomato paste to eat? Now take that paste and mix with following ingredients

  • Yogurt 1TSp
  • Honey 1/2Tsp
  • Gram Flour 2Tsp

Stir all the ingredients and make a smooth paste. Now cover your face with it for 20 minutes. Than Wash your mouth out with cool water after 20 minutes.

Sweet Potatoes: How to use it?

Sweet Potato is very easy to apply on your face. So, You need just one sweet potato and 2 tablespoons of yogurt. Make a paste of sweet potato by grating and crushing and mix it with yogurt. And apply this mixture on your skin for 20-30 minutes.


Note: Use any one of these face masks daily for 10 days and see the magic. However, remember to use only one face mask in one day.


Tips of the day

Do you know? Our body is built up with 70% of water and it is necessary to keep it hydrated. So, drink at least 2 liters of water daily and keep your skin fresh. Stay Bless.


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