Best Foods that Prevent Cancer : Anti-Cancer Foods

Foods that Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease that has spread all around the world and killing millions of people. Cancer occurs due to several reasons like hereditary, bad nutrition, imbalanced hormones, environmental factors, and stress as well.

It is best to add such foods that prevent cancer in your meals. So, here are some foods that prevent cancer especially among those people who have the risk of adapting it in the near future.

How Carrots are Useful for Preventing Cancer – Composition of Carrots

Carrot is one of the most liked red vegetables. Carrot contains alpha, beta-carotene and high amounts of vitamin K, vitamin B6. Also, Carrot is 88% water while the rest is of carbohydrates, proteins, and dietary fibers. The amount of fat found in the trace in carrots that’s the reason they show optimum cytotoxic activity.

Importance of Carrots in Prohibiting the Cancer Effect

  • Recent studies have shown that carrot decreases the risk of cancer like the risk of stomach cancer up to 26% and the risk of prostate cancer up to 18%.
  • Taking carrots on a daily basis in the form of salad or any other form decreases the damage to lung tissues.

So it is best for smokers who have a high risk of adapting cancer and is one of the widely used foods that prevent cancer. Carrots help you to attain a fit body and keep you safe from cancer.

Is Broccoli Helpful in Fighting against Cancer

When you talk about the foods that prevent cancer broccoli is the one that comes first in mind. It is very famous, especially among Americans. Broccoli enriched with dietary fibers, minerals, and vitamins.

Compounds of Broccoli that Play a Role in Reducing the Attack of Cancer

Broccoli contains potassium, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, and sulforaphane. These fibers especially sulforaphane is responsible for fighting against cancer.

Which form of cancers can be lowered by using Broccoli?

The broccoli fibers make the tissues healthy and lower the spread of tumor cells. Broccoli is a delicious option for you to add in your dining table. You can take it in any form like salad, soup, baked or something else. But be aware not to cook much so that the fibers may not be loose from overheating.

Broccoli is useful for lowering the risk of

  • Breast cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Colon cancer

Foods that Prevent Cancer

Why People say Garlic is  the Enemy of Cancer?

Composition of Garlic

Garlic is such a vegetable that mostly used in all the meals. It filled with high nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese, zinc, iron, calcium, thiamine, pantothenic acid, and phosphorus.

Garlic has more value because it is composed of 59% water, carbohydrates, fibers, minerals and only 1% of fat. Therefore, garlic is one of the best foods that prevent cancer.

Role in Diminishing Cancer

  • Consuming garlic on a daily basis saves you from diseases like cancer.
  • It boosts the immune system of the body making the cells stronger to fight against cancer. It maintains healthy blood circulation and reduces the risk of platelets damage.
  • Recent studies have shown that adding 2-3 cloves of garlic in your daily diet lowers the risk of many types of cancer. It saved the lives of 471 men who were fighting against prostate cancer.

Role of Tomatoes in Preventing Cancer

Tomato is the red food that prevents cancer because it has filled with anti-cancer properties. Tomatoes contain minerals, fibers, vitamins, carbohydrates, water, and very less amount of fat.

Why are Tomatoes Beneficial for Fighting Cancer?

  • The main substance found in tomatoes in lycopene that is responsible for reducing the risk of cancer. You can take tomatoes in any form like raw, cooked.
  • It has been estimated that taking two tomatoes daily reduces the chances of prostate cancer to a great extent.

Citrus Fruits like Orange Reduces the Cancer Effects

Orange is the citrus fruit that has filled with high amounts of vitamin C.

  • Oranges contain phytochemicals that reduce the risk of cancer.
  • It boosts the antioxidant detoxification enzyme system.
  • Add the phytonutrients.
  • Prevent the process of carcinogenesis.
  • Inhibit all activities that cause tumor growth.

Taking 2-3 oranges on a daily basis reduces the risk of breast cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic tumor, colon cancer, rectal cancer, and cervical cancer.

Foods that Prevent Cancer

Importance of Limes/Lemon to Prevent Cancer

Lime contains high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and petrochemical substances. The benefit of lemon is that it increases the functionality of the immune system and makes the immune cells stronger to fight against the attack of diseases.

Studies have shown that taking half of the lemon daily reduces the risk of mouth, throat and stomach cancers.

Apple is Considered One of the Best Anti-Cancer Fruits

Apple has healthy fibers, minerals, vitamins, and good protein. The number of carbohydrates and fats are very less in apples.

The significance of Procyanidins in Apple

One of the most prominent antioxidants found in an apple is procyanidins that release such strong signals that cause the death of cancer cells. Studies have shown that taking one or two apples daily lower the risk of colon cancer in the body.

High Fatty Fish like Salmon Eliminates Cancer

Salmon fish is a very healthy and delicious option for your healthy meals. People who take cancer-preventing foods like salmon fish at least 3 to 4 times a week have a very lower risk of developing cancer.

  • The reason behind it is that it contains high amounts of minerals, carbohydrates, proteins that are much beneficial for the body.
  • The omega-3-fatty acid found in the salmon fish decreases the risk of cancers like blood cancer and endometrial cancer.

Benefits of Taking Black Tea or Green Tea to Fight against Cancer

Studies have shown that black tea or green tea is the healthy choice for the body and they lower the risk of cancer to about 32%.

Decreases the Risk of Ovarian Cancer

People who take black tea or green tea at least 2 cups a day have a lower risk of developing ovarian cancer. They are filled with powerful antioxidants that boost the activity of the cells and make them stronger to fight against cancer.

Nutrients in Egg Yolks that Prevent Cancer

Egg yolks have proved to be healthy food that contains the nutrients. However, Egg yolk contains such fats that are beneficial for the body.

The most prominent point about egg yolks is that they contain vitamin D that lowers the risk of cancer among people. Taking one whole egg daily reduces the attack of tumor cells and keeps the body fit.

Tip of the Day:

Cancer can be controlled at its earlier stage or most probably before the earlier stages. There are such foods that prevent cancer because of the healthy nutrients present in them.

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