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Who doesn’t know about the most dashing, stylish and versatile actress Heather Morris? But, if you don’t know Heather Morris is an actress as well as a singer, dancer, and model. She is renowned for her character as Brittany S. Pierce in a comedy-drama series known as Glee. Heather Morris is also liked for her body fitness i.e. she keeps a precise exercise routine. She started dancing when she was 9. And for dancing its necessary to keep yourself healthy and fit. Here are her workout techniques and routine.

Heather Morris Exercise routine:

Before we get you to her exercise routine we will let you know how she sees her workout. For her exercise is happiness. Heather Morris has a dancing style which includes martial arts techniques. Her fitness trainer is Ary Nunez from New York, who is liked by many famous celebrities when it comes to fitness. He is the reason behind Morris dancing skill combined with martial arts. Heather Morris attributes her fitness to 2.5 decades of dancing. She goes to the gym in her hometown to do ballet and Japanese Tabata workouts.

Japanese Tabata workouts:

This workout develops your cardio activity smoother. This includes cycling, skipping rope or running. Do it for 20 seconds, take rest for the next 10 and then repeat the same for 7 more times. This helps in burning your fats which results in healthier blood circulation throughout your body.

Heather Morris has been asked for her secret fitness schedule at many times in different magazines and what she tells is given below.

 Monday, Wednesday and Friday routine:

For her ballet is life. So, she starts her workout with 1 hour of dancing (mostly ballet) following 1 hour of cardio classes and dancing combined with martial arts techniques. Her physical exercise includes:

Crescent Crescendo exercise:

Stand straight to ground. Make 120-degree angle between your legs with toe bend towards your face. Place your elbow to your knee making a 90-degree angle with the fist. Place the other fist to hip. Try to keep your back straight. Bring your arm to your forehead without moving your elbow.

exercise routine

Jenga Jump:

Stand straight, lift your left leg towards right making less than 90 degrees with the upper body. Lift your right-hand fist to your forehead. Place your left-hand fist parallel to your upper body from the back side.

exercise routine

Playing Mantis:

Make an angle of 110 degrees between your legs. Make dab style with your hands making them parallel with the ground. Repeat with other side.

exercise routine

Agent 99’s:

Make a 90-degree angle between left thigh and foot. Straight the right leg making an inclined shape with the ground. Place right arm parallel to the ground and left arm folded towards the face. Repeat with the other side.

exercise routine

Roman Rotators:

Stand with knees and shoulder apart, slightly bend your knees towards the back. Make 90 degrees between the elbows. Repeat with other half.

exercise routine

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday routine: Beginner Body Weight Workout & Exercises

Heather Morris’s Tuesday routine is the same except the martial arts dancing which is replaced by 1 hour of Japanese Tabata workout. Her schedule includes:


Start with making yourself inclined with the floor by means of your feet and hands. Make sure your body i.e. your legs, back, and neck are in one line. Stick your hands to your body towards chest so that when you lower yourself parallel to ground it makes 45 degrees with the ground. Repeat the process as quick as possible.

exercise routine


Keep your body straight with legs apart as to balance yourself to the ground. Make your fist behind your head and start bending your knees towards the ground until your thigh is parallel to the surface. Make this a exercise routine.

exercise routine


Ball Slams:

This exercise routine is used to develop strength in your body. All you need to do is to grab a heavy ball within your hands and raise it your head. Throw it with as much power as you can.

exercise routine


This exercise is used to strengthen up your lower body. Lie down your back to the ground with your feet firmly fixed to the surface. Fix your hands on your chest or behind your head with fingers overlapping each other. Raise your upper body towards your knees without disturbing the lower body. Return to the original position and repeat.

exercise routine


Sprinting in place:

It is like sprint racing. Stand straight on the ground, lift your feet one by one simultaneously, in such a position that your thigh is making 90 degree with your body as it moves up. Repeat as quickly as possible.

exercise routine












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