Dry Eye Symptoms and Treatment in a proved and short way

Dry eye symptoms and treatment

Dry eye symptoms and treatment may vary from person to persona and according to the severity of illness. Dearth or absence of a lubricant in the eye is called dry eye syndrome. That lubricant may be provided by tears to your eyes if tears are not able to provide sufficient moistures, consequences might be in form of this disease. Causes of dry eyes are excessive use of Laptop and mobiles or other eyelid problems. However, it can be controlled by various medicines or by opting several cautions. So, you need not worry about it, we will discuss a complete treatment of it.

Dry Eye Symptoms and Treatment

I will tell you the common symptoms of it than we would go towards treatment.

SymptomsDry eye symptoms and treatment

The most common symptom of it, eyes feel fatigue in no time. In addition, there are several other signs which might be considered the signs of dry eye.

  • Burning
  • Heaviness on Eyes
  • Dryness
  • Cannot focus on a laptop for a long period of time
  • Foreign Body Sensation (Feeling something in the eye)
  • Redness
  • More sensitivity in Eyes

Nearly half American population of 18 years old young boys and girls are facing the different symptoms of this disease.


Opting a certain lifestyle, you can treat it. Besides changes in lifestyle, you can use prescribed medicines. Here, I will tell you the changes in your lifestyle through which you can mitigate the symptoms and signs of it.

  • Direct Air: Don’t face the air to your eyes directly it may worsen the condition more. For example, use glasses regularly while you are going somewhere by Bike.
  • Stop Focusing on Laptop: Don’t stare at Laptop and mobile for a long time during your work.
  • Quit Smoking: Smoke is a menace for it and smoke is considered poison for the health of eyes, therefore, quit smoking.
  • Humidifier: It will increase the moisture in the room and you will feel relax in a room.
  • Artificial Tears: Use of artificial tears assist you to keep moist your eyes. Therefore, If eye dry is at serious stage use artificial tears.


Do you know?

More than 25 Million Americans are suffering from dry eye and this numbering is increasing day by day.


Tip of the day

A balanced diet is always beneficial to keep you healthy. Moreover, a balanced diet is also essential for the health of the eyes. In balanced diet use protein and vitamin to avoid dry eye syndrome. In addition, you can use Omega-3 Fatty acid which is equally beneficial for this disease.




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  1. This is a great piece. Thanks for sharing. When I was younger I did have some serious eye issues that almost left me blind. It became a little better as I grew up.

    Your advice for the use of glasses while riding a bike and using a laptop or phone is very true cause it shields direct light from the device to the eyes.
    Nice 👍 work!!!

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