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What is a Dexa scan?

Human structure is undoubtedly a masterpiece that consists of complex yet niftily designed millions of components that make a perfect body. As time passes and we age then we don’t remain that firm, and slowly we start getting fragile. Bones are that hard parts of our body that make us move, sit and stand, run and enable us to remain firm and robust. There are tons of kinds of bones in our body with their unique functionalities. If our bones get weak, then we will not be able to do our daily chores with convenience. Ageing surely affects the health and firmness of bones, and the grave part is osteoporosis that is the result of bone loss. In Osteoporosis your bone gets so reedy that it is prone to break easily and the fractures that are the result of osteoporosis have been bringing great disabilities in people.

One thing good about Osteoporosis is that it isn’t a natural reaction of ageing and if someone starts taking the required measures then he can make his bones stronger for a longer period. Safety measures can be in the form of a certain diet and through medication too. There is ample amount of things one can opt for in order to secure the health of his bones, for instance, you can check the density of your bones, you can test which bone of yours is getting thin and needs a medical consideration, you can go for a certain test that checks all this, Dexa scan is that common test that doctors do in order to see if someone have osteoporosis.

What is a Dexa scan?

It is an X-ray, a scan that aims to focus on the chief areas, your spine and hips. By Dexa scanning your medic will be able to figure out whether your bones are about to get cracked, thin and fractured? You will get to know easily about the certain brittle bones of yours that need medical treatment.

What is the major perk of a Dexa Scan?

The biggest perk of this scan is that it predicts your future fractures and this facilitates you in taking all the necessary medication to avoid a serious injury. Your medic can treat certain bones and can make a bone loss process slow. In simple words, Dexa scan lets you know whether your bones are on the mend, getting worst and no changes are occurring at all.

Is Dexa scan safe?

Dexa scan is harmless and safe, a slight exposure of radiation is there in it, and there is a fat chance of carrying a minute risk of cancer.

A requirement of a Dexa scanning?

There isn’t any specific limitation and requirement for a Dexa scan, and you don’t have to follow any dietary limitations before having a Dexa scan, the only thing to take care of is your calcium intake, don’t take any calcium supplements almost 24 hours before the test.

Are there any complications in Dexa scan?

If your weight is above than three hundred pounds, then Dexa scanning will not be possible for you because the majority of the Dexa devices aren’t able to measure the weight that goes beyond 300 pounds. So, for this healthcare specialist suggests for a central Dexa scan, in which the doctor scans either the elbow bone or the wrist bone in it.

What is a Dexa scan

How does Dexa Scan work?

It isn’t a time-consuming scan, and it hardly consumes from fifteen to twenty minutes. Unlike the other scans, in Dexa scan, you don’t have to lie in a ring, nor you have to go to any underpass like MRI test. In Dexa scan doctor will make you lie in an x-ray table that will be open, you have to remain still when the scanner scans you by passing over your body. You won’t feel anything, and any pain, the scanner of DXA releases two x-ray rays, one releases a high level of energy, and the other one produces a low level of energy.

Results of Dexa scan

In results of Dexa scanning one gets a T-score, from the result you will discover about the density of your bone whether how high and low it is as compared to a sturdy person of age 30 because in this age your bones are at their best in terms of density and strength. A low score means your bones are weak and high score denotes your bones are strong.

After you know what is a Dexa scan, it’s time to repair your bones by nutrients that can provide calcium to your bones. Consume milk, yogurt and other dairy items for providing calcium to your brittle bones to make them dense and solid.  Besides that, one should nosh on orange juice and in vegetable broccoli will be great for bones. You can also consult your doctor in this regard as he can suggest your calcium supplements.

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