Natural Tips about Common Cold Prevention

Common Cold Prevention

Most of you find it difficult to maintain your health with seasonal changes. The human body is adapted to the changes in the season but if your adaptability is low or there is a dramatic seasonal change, people face more illnesses. The common cold is on the top of the list of such illnesses because there are more reported cases found in people of all ages starting from infants to the older ones. It is a viral infection of the nose and throat. The symptoms of the disease include sneezing, sniffling, a runny or blocked nose, a sore throat, coughing and a headache.

The common cold is caused by over 200 viruses and among these Rhinovirus is considered to be the responsible agent in 30 to 50 % of cases. So it is difficult to design antiviral drugs for such a vast variety of infectious agents. The easiest way is to control this infectious disease is to follow the given ways of common cold prevention.

In this article, all the important ways of common cold prevention are explained in detail which can protect you from all types of infections, specifically the common cold.

Significance of Common Cold Prevention:

It is a common proverb that prevention is better than cure and this is 100 % true. The common cold is a viral and infectious disease that is easy to prevent but difficult to treat due to the unavailability of antiviral medicine that is why common cold prevention is important for everyone no matter what age you are.

12 Easy and Effective Ways of Common Cold Prevention:

1. Encourage Personal Hygiene:

Your hand, nose, and eyes are the receiving ends for the germs so keep your these areas clean by washing them more frequently and avoid touching your face. A proper antibacterial hand wash must be used at least five times a day with proper handwashing methods. Taking shower and changing clothes daily will wash off the germs from your body. Encouraging personal hygiene increase the common cold prevention effectivity up to 99%.

2. Avoid Sharing Utensils:

Sharing is a good habit but common cold prevention should be your priority. So you should avoid sharing your utensils especially spoons and water bottles. Sometimes a person is infected and the symptoms are not visible so that sharing the utensils means you are sharing his germs that sound bitter but it is a fact.

3. Household Cleaning:

The common cold is widely spread through uncleaned surfaces specifically in the kitchens where hands are in direct contact with all the things. So a proper disinfectant must be used to clean the shelves, floor, and cabinets of your home. This method is found useful in common cold prevention by up to 84 %.

4. Eat Healthily:

Your immune system plays a vital role in cleaning up the germs from the body. Hence common cold prevention depends on the functionality of your immune system. Adopting healthy eating habits give power and strength to the germ-fighting cells of your body.

5. Make Exercise Part of Your Daily Routine:

Exercise also plays an important role in common cold prevention by sweating and increased blood flow to the upper respiratory tract of the body. These two eliminate the germs from the body before the onset of the disease. People doing exercise daily are found less susceptible to infections.

Common Cold Prevention

6. Folklore Strategies:

In the past, many parents used to give some vitamins and supplements as a way of common cold prevention and it was found effective. Later on, it is explained that vitamins A & C and minerals such as zinc boost the activity of the immune system and avoid common cold up to 51 %.

7. Use of Masks and Gloves:

You must always wear masks and gloves in public places and even in the workplace and at home when it is viral and people around you are infected. The use of these protective accessories helps in common cold prevention by cutting off direct contact with the germs.

8. Take Rest:

A normal healthy person needs 6 to 8 hours of sleep per day and the lack of sleep increases the person’s susceptibility to the infection. Proper sleep allows your body to heal and wash off the germs from the body so it is very important for common cold prevention.

9. Be Careful while Socializing:

The common cold is widely spread from one person to another through touch. So you must follow the common cold prevention methods before establishing any contact with the infected person.

10. Avoid Broad Spectrum Medicines:

Over the counter drugs such as broad-spectrum antibiotics develop resistance in viruses which leads to medical complications. Common cold prevention does not demand any intake of vaccines or antibiotics so you should avoid these.

11. Protect Yourself from Seasonal Changes:

The wind is the major cause of common cold because of more viruses in the air and thus common cold preventions must be followed in winter, rainy and cold seasons. Keep yourself protected and warm from chilly winds. Let the sunlight and fresh air into the home because these are natural ways of disinfection.

12. Follow the Proper Use of Gadgets:

Many electronic devices particularly cell phones and laptops are the major sources of spreading infections. As these devices carry a lot of germs on them so you must avoid them while having your meals and one must wash their hands after using them in the workplace. Sharing these devices with others increases the risk of infections so the use of proper disinfectant to clean up gadgets is found effective in common cold prevention.

All the precautionary measures discussed above must be a part of your daily routine. For this, you can make a checklist of the above-mentioned ways of common cold prevention and mark it at the end of each day. You will observe that within a few days it will become your habit and you will be taking all preventive measures against common cold unconsciously.

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