8 Main Chest Congestion Symptoms and Their Causes

Chest Congestion Symptoms

Did you hear someone coughing hard and heavy and found him uneasy all day and night long? Most of you had experienced such a painful illness that can better relate to this situation. But did you ever think of the reasons behind chesty coughs and tried to know about the chest congestion symptoms? Perhaps you all had thought that this is a medical condition and so you do not need to go into such details. But if you would get information about chest congestion symptoms you can better save yourselves and loved ones from such distressing situations.

In this article, you will get information about the most prevailing chest congestion symptoms that will help you in earlier diagnosis of the disease.

What you know about Chest Congestion.?

The upper part of your body from neck to the stomach where vital organs such as a heart and the lungs are located is known as a chest. Chest congestion is a non-medical term that is commonly used to refer to any blockage or obstruction in the chest cavity. The obstruction is mainly due to the build-up of fluid and mucus in the lungs.

Common Causes of Chest Obstruction:

The following are the causes of chest congestion:

  • Common cold
  • Air-borne allergies
  • Lung illness
  • Asthma
  • Sinusitis
  • Bronchitis
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Pneumonia

Chest Congestion Symptoms

Significance of Chest Congestion Symptoms:

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), respiratory diseases are the second most leading cause of death worldwide and this number would reach 69 million people by 2020. The mentioned chest congestion symptoms are frequently observed in respiratory illness especially in developing and underdeveloped countries where people do not take it seriously until it leads to medical complications. The reason behind this is the lack of awareness about the importance of health. Now it is a need of time for everyone to have basic information about the chest congestion symptoms.

Once you know these chest congestion symptoms it becomes very easy for you to stop it at a first step.

Frequently Observed Signs and Chest Congestion Symptoms:

The chest blockage appears with clear warning signs and symptoms which are confused with normal cough and colds and you ignore them. If you become conscious and follow the preventive measure it will not only save your health from pain but your pocket from expensive medical procedures too. What you need to do only is to observe your body periodically for the given chest congestion symptoms and on finding any of these get a proper medical consultation.

1. Vigorous Coughing:

Chesty and heavy cough with wet, productive, mucus is the main chest congestion symptom.

2. Heaviness in and around Chest Area:

In chest congestion, lungs are filled up with mucous due to which chest becomes heavy especially while coughing you feel heaviness around the chest area. By asking the patient you can easily point out this chest congestion symptom and diagnose the disease.

3. Consistent Fever:

Infection in the respiratory tract causes the body to increase its temperature to kill the germs due to which people with chest congestion symptoms suffer from consistent fever or high temperatures.

4. Swelling of Tongue:

The tongue plays an important role in the diagnosis of many diseases. A white-coated tongue with swelling indicates the presence of infection in the respiratory tract which may be due to pneumonia or bronchitis so is a prominent chest congestion symptom.

5. Fatigue:

You can have chest congestion symptoms if you feel tired and lethargic even after taking a healthy diet and following proper sleep patterns. But the chest blockage is always confirmed by observing other signs as fatigue can be due to many other reasons such as deficiency of iron etc.

6. Pain While Coughing:

Infection in the respiratory tract, a sore throat, and heaviness of chest causes mucus up coughs which causes pain while coughing. so this is also a clear chest congestion symptom.

7. Labored Breathing:

Inflammation of bronchi and mucus build up in the lungs blocks the air passageway because of which there is a shortening of breath and patients feel difficulty in breathing. So a person who is unable to breathe normally has a chest congestion symptom.

8. Wheezing:

Wheezing a high pitch breathing sound like whistling is produced in patients with chest congestion symptoms. It is authentic and very easy to observe a symptom that is commonly used to diagnose the blockage and infection in the chest.

In the end, health is the greatest gift and we all should take it as a blessing. Being a thankless creation we never know the value of blessings unless it is away from us. So you should take account of chest congestion symptoms and keep your body safe from painful illnesses.

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