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Burpees Benefits

Are you excited to do burpees but aren’t sure whether you’re doing it the right way or not? There is a plethora of content on the internet and you just can’t figure out what to follow. Don’t worry as we’ve got your back and you’d be astounded when you’ll get to know how easy it is to do a burpees and Burpees Benefits.

Steps to Do Burpess : Burpees Benefits | Why Burpees Should Be Your Favorite Exercise  |

Follow the following steps to do a perfect Burpees Benefits:

What do burpees do to your body?


First thing’s first, you’ve to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. However, this might be a bit challenging but you’ll get used to it once you know how it’s done. Then weight in your heels, and your arms at your sides.  You’re done with the first step.

Burpees Benefits


Next, push your hips back allowing your knees to bend and lower your body into a squat.

Burpees Benefits


Moving on, put your hands on the floor directly in front of, and just inside, your feet and obviously shift your weight onto them and there you have it. We’re moving onto the fourth step.

Burpees Benefits


Next up, spring your feet back so that you softly land on the balls of your feet in a floorboard position. This step will allow your body to form a straight line from your head to heels. But bear in mind, do not let your back sag as this grave mistake can prevent you from doing it the right way.

Burpees Benefits


We’re almost there, bounce your feet back so that your feet land just outside of your hands. It sounds a bit tricky but it isn’t that hard.

Burpees Benefits


The second last step is to allow your arms to reach over your head and jump up into the air.

Burpees Benefits


Yippie, we’re there. Now land and straight away lower back into a squat for your next rep.

Burpees Benefits

Can you believe it, we’re done. Burpees are super flexible, doing a burpee for the very first time can be a pain in the neck. But, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be over the moon. Good Luck and we’re pretty certain that you’ll definitely learn how to do it. Following the instructions properly is what really matters. This total-body exercise will positively keep you fit and you won’t regret while giving it a go.

Burpees are popularly known for some good reason so let’s spill the beans. It’s an equipment-free total-body exercise that can be a lifesaver. Love them or hate them, but you’ll certainly realize their importance. The part that that actually makes Burpees Benefits so tough yet so effective is that they target all your major muscle groups allowing them to coordinate with each other. If you are looking forward to burning fat and get in shape fast, so undoubtedly, there’s no other movement that will get you there as effectively as burpees can and proves the real Burpees Benefits.

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