Birth Control Types – Pros and Cons, Myths, and More

birth control types

Birth control is simply how you try to prevent pregnancy. There are a plethora of different birth control options available and it’s completely up to you regarding which one will work best for you. Following, are a few options of the birth control types that you might want to look into just to be on the safe side.


Here, is a list regarding some best and very effective birth control types or birth control implant:

Birth Control Implant – Effects, Benefits, and Disadvantages | Getfitdiets

This one is the best method available in the market so far. The birth control implant as the name suggests is a tiny, thin rod and it is roughly the size of a matchstick. Now you must be wondering how does it actually work. What actually happens is that the implant releases hormones into your body and all thanks to that hormone, you are completely safe from getting pregnant. The other thing to note is that it is inserted into your arm and it’s that simple. There you have it, you’re safe from pregnancy for up to 4 years. This method as mentioned earlier is most reliable as it is 99% effective. Talking about how much it’ll charge you, it won’t cost you more than  130 $ but it’s worth it.

birth control types

Birth Control Shot – Side Effects, Effectiveness, How it Works.?

This is another reliable method that can prevent you from getting pregnant. What actually happens is that you get an injection after every 3 months from a nurse or doctor. The good thing is that it is a safe, convenient, and private birth control method and people have reported that it actually works. Now you must be wondering how does this injection function. It’s pretty simple, these injections contain the hormone progestin. This doesn’t allow ovulation to occur which obviously means that you won’t get pregnant.

birth control types

Birth Control Sponge – Use, Advantages and Risks.

The birth control sponge which is also known as a contraceptive sponge. It is a small, round sponge made from soft, squishy plastic material. It’s a bit painful as you have to insert it deep inside your vagina. Doing this will allow you to cover your cervix and it also contains spermicide so that pregnancy can never be caused. In addition to it, taking out the sponge isn’t that difficult because there is a fabric loop attached to it which will allow you to pull it out easily. It works in a way such that it blocks the entrance towards your uterus, hence it does not allow sperms to get to your egg and that way you are safe from getting pregnant.

birth control types

Birth Control Pills – Types, Effectiveness, and More..

If you’re afraid to try injections or rods being implanted in your body then a birth control pill is the best option available for you. It is because all you have to do is take these pills every day like you usually take pills. The good thing is that these birth control pills are kind of like a medicine with hormones that prevent you from getting pregnant. Moreover, you’ve many different options to choose from as many different brands are offering them at different prices. This pill is safe to intake. It is affordable as it is not very expensive and actually effective given that you take it on time. One benefit that you won’t find in any other pill is that it even has health benefits. This certainly is something amazing.

birth control types

So, these were some birth control types. Every way is unique and works differently.

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