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Banana Peel for Face

Fruits are the eye-candies for all of us, the majority of people love to eat fruits not just because they are loaded with infinite health benefits but also because they are so rich in taste. This fruit ‘banana’ is widely consumed in every nook and cranny of the world. Eating bananas can lower the blower pressure, more-ever it can decrease the risks of grave diseases like asthma and cancer.

Children too like eating bananas a lot maybe it’s because you don’t have to go through any hassles like cutting its skin with a knife, no seeds no juice, all you need to do is to peel off its flake, and there you go. There is something more about bananas, next time you take off its flakes don’t throw it in the can rather rub in on your face, yes you heard it right, and that’s what we are going to discuss ‘banana peel for face’, let’s start and discover how you can use banana peel on your face.

Banana peel for face – Amazing Benefits And Uses

There are several ways through which you can use the banana peel on your face, and it offers excellent benefits for your skin

1. Use banana peel for curing pimples banana peel for curing pimples

The peel of banana contains certain properties in it that it literally can eliminate your pimples that distorts your whole facial beauty. Take one banana peel and begin to rub it on your face, spend 5-7 minutes daily on the affected area of your face. You would see the results within few days.

2. Use banana peel for the reduction of wrinkles

You can use the banana peel for the reduction of face wrinkles, for this you need to take one banana peel and mash it, combine an egg yolk in the mashed peel. Now apply this substance on your face properly. Let it sit for 5-7 minutes and wash.

banana peel for puffy eyes3. Use banana peel for puffy eyes

Banana peel gives the solution for puffy eyes too, so for giving your puffy eyes, a fresh, bright look banana peel in the same way as you use a cucumber on eyes and then after some days you will notice a great change.

4. Use banana peel for dealing with the visible fine lines

The fine lines on your face dull the delicacy and beauty of your face, they are visible, and you can’t hide them properly with make-up, banana peel will be just the ticket to deal with these fine lines, all you need to do is to start rubbing the inner side of peel on your face and then leave it for 20-30 minutes. After the required time wash off your face.

5. Use banana peel for the removal of dark circles

Dark circles around eyes make your face look so dull, but from now on you can have a fresh look with the help of banana peel. You need to take out the white fibers that are there on the banana peel and add it in aloe vera gel now apply this mixture under your eyes. Try this at least twice a week for getting the desired results.

6. Use banana for whitening teeth banana peel teeth

Your teeth are an important part of your face. You know it well that a smile with yellowish teeth can be embarrassing. So, to get rid of pale teeth and for getting whiter teeth with banana peel, rub the banana peel on your teeth on regular bases, and gradually you would notice the difference.

7. Use the banana peel to Heal-up bruises

Bruises leave unpleasant marks on one’s face, to get rid of it you can take a banana peel and rub on the required area of your skin gently, another way of using the banana peel on bruises is to tape the peel on the bruise and next morning remove it.

Some useful tips regarding banana peel

Take a quick look at these tips that are important to know:

  • For cherishing the desired result always use a fresh peel, stale banana peel won’t bring the best results.
  • Keep bananas in a cool place. Make sure that place has to be dry.
  • Don’t keep bananas near heat and sunlight
  • The unpeeled banana that kept for long will be a useless one, so the moment you peel off banana use its peel without any undue time lapse.
  • Don’t keep banana peel in fridge

That is how you can use the banana peel on your face. How easy it has become to beautify your face with a banana. Isn’t the cheapest way to get rid of acne, scars, and spots of your face? Eat this relish fruit to strengthen your inner. Utilize its peel on your face and enhance your beauty in a most handy way. There is absolutely no side effect of using it, nor it consumes your time.

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