Advantages and Disadvantages of Condoms: (A Complete Guide)

advantages and disadvantages of condoms

If we talk about birth control, using condoms is the most common method which comes to our minds. There are various advantages and disadvantages of condoms that are going to be discussed in this article. After reading this article, it is totally up to you whether you use the condom or any other contraceptive method. A male condom is made of thin rubber called latex which may vary in size, color, and quantity of lubrication. Effective use of a condom can be beneficial for desirous results, however, the wrong use of a condom can pose a serious threat to your sexual life.

Advantages and disadvantages of Condoms

It is easy for me to aware you about the several advantages of condoms.


Benefits of Condoms

advantages of condoms

  • Prevent Pregnancy

The first advantage of using a condom is that it helps to prevent pregnancy. According to a study, 95-98% results of using condoms are excellent and prevent pregnancy. Nevertheless, in certain cases, condoms are unable to stop pregnancy.

  • Protection from STIs

The most important benefit of using condoms is that it protects against STIs. STIs stands for Sexually Transmitted Infections. The risk of sexual infection is very high during intercourse. Sexually transmitted infections might be like HIV AIDS and various other skin infections.

  • Cost Effective

If you compare condoms with other contraceptive methods then you will discover that condoms are really a cost-effective method. Other methods like IUD are more costly than condoms.

  • Easy to Use

Besides above-mentioned benefits of this contraception, it is very easy to use. An illiterate person can also use it easily. If we observe other methods, we come to know that to take advantage of all other methods we will have to go to a gynecologist. On the contrary, no need for any gynecologist.

  • Easily Available

No one can deny this factor of condoms. There is a dire need of contraception methods in the backward areas of third world countries and all the methods are rarely available in remote areas of third world countries like Somalia. However, Condom is the only procedure which is available in these type of areas.

Drawbacks of Condoms

It admits of no doubt that condom is the most common procedure for birth control but it has certain flaws if the use of a condom is not correct. Therefore, it must be used in a pertinent way because it can avoid pregnancy. Otherwise, you will have to face the results in contrast. You can discover these flaws in the following discussion;

disadvantages of condoms

  • Condoms are delicate

In this contraceptive procedure, there is a risk that condoms tear with nails or jewelry. In this situation, a condom cannot guarantee protection.

  • Various Sizes

    Several sizes of the condom are itself a problem. Owing to several sizes, it could not get fit on the penis and it may slip. In this case, birth control becomes impossible

  • Ejaculation with Condom

Ejaculation with a condom can create another problem. It is very difficult to withdraw the penis after ejaculation with a condom due to the flaccid nature of the penis. Therefore, it creates more trouble.

  • Consent of Both

Using a condom with the consensus of both is very difficult. Owing to the use of a condom, enjoyment of intercourse may diminish and due to this reason one partner may deny to use the condom. That is why, it can create a hurdle in the way of consensus of both.

  • Wrong Use

Besides the above mentioned problems, the wrong use of it cannot stop the pregnancy. According to a report, almost 3 women become pregnant out of 100 due to the wrong use of a condom. Hence, use a condom in the wrong way can create troublesome.

  • Allergic to Latex

Some of the users have allergic to latex used in condoms. After using it, users may face skin problems like rashes. However, this issue has been solved and latex-free condoms have been introduced in the market.

  • Illegal Sex practices

Easy availability of condoms enhance the illegal practices of sexual activities. The graph of sexual intercourses among students in different universities skyrocketed due to the easy availability of condoms. However, it cannot be enlisted in the disadvantages of condoms because it is a factor related to morality.

Tip of the day

If we analyze the above talks, we come across with the results that advantages of condom are more than disadvantages. Moreover, the disadvantages of a condom can be covered by using it properly. If you use it correctly by keeping the size and other factor in your mind, you can get your desired goal and prevent pregnancy without any making any major effort.

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