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30 day squat challenge for beginners

Who doesn’t want to get an amazing body? Everyone does. So with a simple 330 day squat challenge for beginners, anyone can get a perfectly shaped body. Doing squats will definitely give you better butt for sure. By doing 30 day squat challenge for beginners will totally transform your butt and the results will be amazing.

30 day squat challenge for beginners hold a lot of value as they help you keep track of your body and of how punctual you are. They play a vital role in jump-starting a healthy habit and keeping a person motivated. But the bigger question is, how long will the 30-day squat challenge last? For that, the person has to be confident and should have a lot of patience to wait for results.

The 30 day squat challenge for beginners – Totally Transform your butt

There is a major reason behind why doing squats is considered so crucial now. Doing squats basically covers almost your entire body. It is like an all in one fitness package as it deals with your thighs, butt, stomach, back legs, and core. So squats not only covers all the major fitness exercises but also saves the time of a lot of people who have a busy schedule. By eliminating the extra time they might spend in a gym, squats gives amazing results with not too of your time being consumed.


  1. Start this exercise by standing straight with your feet at a certain distance apart and your chin up while toes facing the front wall.
  2. Gradually bring your arms out and hold them together in front of you.
  3. Now after coming in the proper position, allow yourself to slowly bend until your thighs are parallel to the ground. It is exactly like sitting halfway on a chair. As long as your back doesn’t hurt, continue to go lower. On the first try, you’ll lose balance but you’ll get used to of it in a few tries.
  4. Bend and stand up and continue to repeat the steps. Do ten squats on the first go and continue to increase them by one.

For better results, keep track of yourself by updating a calendar. 30-day challenges are very effective and are meant to transform your body. Squats are specially meant for your lower part that includes your butt. Moreover, out of all 30 day squat challenge for beginners, Squats is one of the best exercises a person can do if he wants faster results as this exercise engages almost every muscle. It even strengthens the muscles in your stomach as well as the ones in your lower back. It corrects bad posture and will definitely give you relief from back pain.

Now the question is, should you do the 30 day squat challenge for beginners? Well if you say yes, there’s ample of benefit for you so get squatting today!

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